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Happy Autumn, Stylists!

Okay, so I may be writing this as snow falls out my window. Oh well. It’s fall time nonetheless, and before it’s gone for good, let’s just take a moment to enjoy the little autumn left. Oh yes, I just love fall.

SO, here are my TOP EIGHT things I like to do this season!

  1. Crunchy leaves!
  2. Film and photograph the prettiness!
  3. Walk through the woods.
  4. Drink Tea.
  5. Write! (especially poetry!)
  6. Bake apple pie and apple cakes
  7. Drink fall time seasonal drinks like hot apple cider!
  8. Read a good book.

That is pretty much what fall time is all about! I’m not into pumpkin all that much, but if that’s something that you are into, then GOOD FOR YOU! Go for it! Enjoy the season!

“What is your favorite thing to do in autumn?” Let me know in the comments below!





I am so sorry about the slowness on this site! I have been super busy with amazing things and life a lot lately! Stay posted though! Great stuff and info ahead that I think you will enjoy!

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