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So can you believe it??? It’s almost 2014! Maybe it’s because fourteen is my favorite number, but I have been so excited for 2014 for a LONG time! In honor of this, I would like to take a moment to write this post about fourteen fabulous ways to get ready for New Years! Let’s get started!

1. bake fun cookies as you wait for the ball to drop
2. set up anything white and/or sparkly
3. get dressed up all fancy-schmancy…
4. …or stay in some cozy PJ’s!
5. have a cd or playlist of songs to listen to for starting off the new year
6. set up twinkling lights for nice ambiance
7. call or get together with friends and family
8. look online for some pretty sweet NYE crafts
9. take NY2013 photos to keep, give to others, or share online
10. reflect on 2013’s resolutions
11. write resolutions for 2014
12. have a dance party with fun lights
13. watch the ball drop at midnight (and don’t forget the countdown!)
14. bring in the new year with the ones you love <3 I hope you have had a very merry holiday season and will have a happy New Years as well! As always, my question for you is... What is your New Years resolution for 2014?Let me know in the comments below.

Happy New Years!

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  1. I have finished till step 4 after which this foowlls can you please explain this .If You Not Understand It Click Here To See Image : Change Taskbar Position Image=> Now Open Rocketdock, Right Click On It And Set Screen Position To Bottom. => Now Right Click On Rocketdock Again And Click On Ad d Item And Select Stack Doclet And Open It And Change Settings As You Like.

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