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Lately, I have been focusing a lot on what it means to be me. Being physically far away from my parents and the hometown/world in which I grew up in has brought me to grow so much. Yes, living in L.A. finds ways to change you and so does attending college. That being said, these changes are for the better. Through this journey of self-awareness and growth, I have found new focuses that shape how I go about living life.

Since I haven’t blogged in a while and should seriously get this site up and going better than ever this summer, I figured that I would write a post to help guide any of you reading on how to be a better YOU.

  1. Healthy IS Happy: Making healthy decisions is key but there are so many subcategories to health… (for the sake of this post, I will just focus on the three main ones)
    1. Physical – Exercise, drinking water, getting enough sleep, resting, being active…all of these things are seriously SO important! Setting routines to help better contruct your healthy lifestyle definitely helps you feel good. Plus, eating healthy is really key! I have made recent changes from heavier dairy (like milk, cheese, ice cream, etc.) and minimized it while replacing regular milk with almond milk and things like that. I find that when I am eating better, I feel a lot better too. Instead of three meals a day, I eat several smaller ones throughout and have a heavier breakfast to avoid a later dinner.
    2. Emotional – Stress is bad and we all know it but every emotion in itself can change how we live day to day. By taking emotional checks through creating art or writing down/journaling your emotions, you may find yourself in better balance as well.
    3. Spiritual – Your beliefs are also incredibly important to take note of. I find that the more mindful I am of spirituality on a personal sense, the more aware of myself and the world around me I am. Get some sunlight, relax, and take in the world around you every once in a while.
  2. Newness: Finding newness in your life is incredibly rewarding. Every day is a new day and while that may seem super cliche, it is so very true! I love keeping a regularly scheduled lifestyle fresh by bringing in newness whether that means exploring a new area for the first time, finding a new hobby to pick up (or at least, try), or setting a goal for a week that goes slightly outside my comfort zone. There are so many ways to keep your life new and exciting and by bringing newness into your life, you just may find a way to better yourself in the process.
  3. Accept Yourself: There is so much talk lately about coming to terms with loving yourself but before that, I think it is important to simply accept yourself. Know that you are enough and the only person in the world you have to be happy with is yourself. Once you accept and love yourself, confidence and happiness will follow.
  4. Past, Present & Future: I personally find myself trapped in the confinements of always looking into the past or getting new overwhelmed by the present or freaking out about the future. While these elements of our lives are almost unavoidable, I find that if you take some serious reflecting time for all three, it may better help you in general. Reflect on where you came from and even the smaller elements of your past and search for connections to the present. Sort out today’s chaos and then use those connections and patterns to help guide your thoughts about the future.

The key to all of this though, is giving yourself control. Sometimes, being in control makes everything feel even more chaotic (and, well, less in control) but as it turns out, if you keep yourself balanced and find some level of control with your life, it will benefit you greatly. The key to being a better you is to find a way to balance your life in a way that keeps you healthy and happy.

That being said, this has been a very different blog post than things in which I have posted in the past and I hope you have enjoyed it! I still post weekly on YouTube (youtube.com/sarahfhamilton) so feel free to subscribe if you have not done so already. This summer, I am hoping to post more on YouTube and this blog so keep updated! As always, if you want to share your experiences or simply say hi, I am also on Twitter and Instagram @sarahfhamilton.


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