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Hello Stylists!

Ooh boy, it is May already? This year is going by super fast! It has actually been almost a year since I started this blog, but I have recently realized that I have not really said anything about myself yet, so I decided to do so today!

Here are some of my top fourteen fun facts about me!

  1. My favorite number is 14
  2. My favorite seasons are Fall & Summer!
  3. I prefer smoothies over milkshakes
  4. I like to make videos, write, and act
  5. My favorite tv show is Once Upon A Time (abc)
  6. Figure Skating is another passion of mine
  7. I am a huge mermaid fanatic
  8. My favorite color varies between blue (cerulean), pink, and purple
  9. I have actually always wanted a blog
  10. I am currently writing a novel that I hope to publish one day
  11. Despite this website, I still have some problems with my own locker
  12. I LOVE coffee!
  13. I am so grateful of all of the comments you leave
  14. I am so thankful and happy that you are reading this!

So I want to know…what two words describe you? Leave your comments below!

Sarah <3


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