A Little Note To You


Dear readers,

This blog has been up and running since September 2012. That was literally three years ago! Three! Look, it’s been a great, wild ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what this site brings in the future! Here’s a little history for dear ol’ Locker Styler.

First things first, when I was really little, I remember asking if one could technically create their own website. I was clearly fascinated by a few of my personal early favorites, and it was really exciting to find out that you literally could. Years past, and my brother and myself had little blogs that ran through at home. I loved it. Obsessed. Like I would create legit drawings on paint and stuff to show on that home site. The only viewers that could see it were my family, but I loved it nonetheless. Eventually, my brother branched off to an online website for a game. He did very well with it, but blogging about that wasn’t really my thing. In fact, I wanted it to be more personal. The more random things that made me happy, the happier I turned about it. Originality sparked my blogging imagination.

Thus came the summer of 2012. I wanted a blog. Creating designs and different ideas and stuff came pretty natural to me, but after a ton of changes, revisions, road blocks and every other challenge that came my way, I eventually came to the genius idea of a TV mini show about lockers and decor. Teen stuff, you know? Turned out, I had no connection to a television network, but I did have the dream of creating a little blog. Eventually, this formed Locker Styler. In September, I was up in business!

Truthfully, I wanted to grow a fan base with this site, get comments, and overall connect to the readers. Inspiring others and really letting them inspire me as well seemed like a fair plan, but no one told me going into this that people don’t really comment on blogs. Okay then, set aside that idea. But you know what? It’s totally okay. Because of this blog, I may not have connected with a ton of fans, but I do have several wonderful fans and I’ve been able to connect to so many amazing people who inspire me!

So those interviews? Yeah. I’m still obsessed with the idea that I have been able to interview all those cool people. Really, like how did that even happen? Some of the people I have interviewed, I met in person, while others I actually just found a way to contact them through this beautiful thing called the internet. These interwebs aligned my stars to talk to actual stars, and it’s the coolest thing ever. They all carry similar interests as myself, and have truly inspired me and helped me accomplish more dreams and goals. Plus, in the process, I have even been told that I inspired them back. (Which by the way is an amazing feeling.) Words cannot describe how thankful I am for what this blog has turned into and where it has gotten me in life.

This site isn’t just about locker decor, teen advice and hope. It’s about all that and so much more. It had the power to transform my life and shift it in inspiring helpful ways leading me through to my dreams. I am forever thankful, and cannot wait to see where this journey takes me next!

Thank you. All of you. You are the sunshine.

Love Always,


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