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Oh gosh, this post may get a bit sappy and emotional so BRACE YOURSELVES!!!!!

You see, I had to write this post for this week because on this past thursday, friday, and today, I am in my final Fall Drama production that I have gotten to be a part of for the past three years. I have to move on, but moving on is a difficulty that sometimes strikes a little strange. Luckily, I think that I have been able to mentally move on for the most part, but I’m still a bit meloncholy about this. So, not only is this a little emotional post about me, but it can also serve as a inspiration to you.

The final bow was emotional, and there was a sense of sadness and emptiness as I took the dramatic stroll towards the meet and greet with the audience. At first, it was just hard to believe that after three years of so much growth and change, it was all ending. Everyone was all cheerfull that we got through it and the show was such a sucess, but there was definitely sadness within me. Now thinking about it, the sadness wasn’t really about moving on and ending a part of my life that had become to prevelent, but it was about a bittersweet realization of just how far I have come.  Meeting everyone after the show was pretty tough too. I saw my friends, many of which graduated last year, and I felt like I had joined them. They seemed so proud and happy for me. It was the strangest feeling as I was still trying to figure out the emptiness within me.

I am excited for my future and I love my past. No doubt about that. Even though there’s a bittersweet ending of this chapter, I have come to accept it. Look, no matter what, if you keep to your dreams and GO FOR THEM, they do happen. Sometimes, not exactly the way you might originally think, but also, sometimes for the better. I am proud of who I have become and I am forever thankful for everyone who helped me get to this point.

And with my final bow, I am left with pride and wonderful memories.

Shine On,


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