A Touch Of Magic: DIY Dreamcatcher!


Hey, Stylists!

I woke up in a super artsy mood, and decided that this fabulous post had to be posted. Lately, I have become fond of dreamcatchers. The ledgend behind a dreamcatcher is that it can be placed above beds and used as a charm to prevent any nightmares to come to someone as they sleep. These dreamcatchers are very detailed as each inner web and bead could symbolize for something, such as an eye, or birds wing. Most commonly, dreamcatchers have feathers and are made with outdoor twigs and branches. The creation of dreamcatchers led to a more popular item that is seen in a very peacefull manner.

If you live somewhere close to a lot of nature, you can easily make this project with leaves, twigs, and branches you find around outside. Craft stores are a great place to find colorful threads and feathers as well. For my dreamcatcher today, I used beads, string, metal, and a keychain hoop, as well as some sparkles and paint.


  • beads
  • metal strands
  • keychain hoop
  • brown acrylic paint
  • silver sparkles
  • string/ long twist tie


  1. Take the keychain hoop, and paint it brown. Let it dry completely and add the sparkles before it dries.
  2. As the keychain hoop is drying, put some beads on the metal strands, and make sure the beads won’t fall out. Make about three strands with room at the end to attach to the hoop later.
  3. If you would like to make the dream catcher into a necklace, add a beaded necklace or transform a beaded reading glasses holder.
  4. When the hoop is dry, take some string and wrap around the inside of the hoop forming a pattern.
  5. When that is fully attached. Add the bead strands. Make sure they are secure on the hoop!
  6. If you are making a necklace, attach the dreamcatcher onto the necklace at this time.
  7. Place your dreamcatcher wherever you please! They look great in windowsills and lockers!

I LOVE this DIY project, and I hope you did too! Are you going to make your own dreamcatcher? Let me know in the comments below!

*You can also see more photos of my dreamcatcher in the gallery!*

Sarah <3

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