A Web Series!?!?!?


I am so excited to announce my new web series that I am working on called “LIVIN’ C.A.” which will air exclusively on my YouTube channel! There is so much about to happen in my life and I want to make sure that it’s documented along the way and I wanted to be able to include family, friends, and YOU to show you what i’m up to along the way.

This past year was my senior year and senior year is super amazing but also incredibly overwhelming. For me, I had to not only figure out what I wanted to spend my life doing, but also figure out how to get to that point and find a school that would help me get there. I also had to get into that school and then get ready for it. After applying and looking at many schools, (at that point I was already well aware that I wanted to go into film and television production) I found two schools I really liked, which they both accepted me for the programs I wanted! It was a really difficult decision since, one college was on the east coast and the other was on the west. Being on the east coast my whole life, a few hours away was a major difference than a full plane ride from New York to California.

Thus, The Most Difficult Decision Of My Life So Far had begun to take form and I felt torn between two amazing schools and locations. Even though the weather alone is enough to make some people want to automatically take the flight to California, I still had so much in NY that I couldn’t imagine leaving. From family to friends and this entire lifestyle that I was used to, (not to mention rain storms, first snowfalls, and autumn!) it became quite difficult to figure out where I needed to be. But despite all of the confusion and emotions, I realized that it didn’t change my gut feeling. That gut feeling made me choose the college out in Cali.

Even today, it’s not any easier to think about all of this, but I know that I chose the right path. For what I am going into, no other place could possibly beat out the opportunities. Yes, it’s difficult to accept that I am going to college on the other side of the country, but I love California and the school. Everyone back home fully supports me too. I am beyond thankful that I have this opportunity and I am really excited to start this journey.

So, each week, I will post on my channel episodes of “LIVIN’ C.A.” to show you what my upcoming adventures will bring. Subscribe to automatically be posted when a new episode is out!


Take risks, make dreams happen. Sometimes the scariest decisions are the ones that bring us to where we need to be.

New Yorker & Cali Girl,


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