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Hey there!

It’s only weeks away until summer vacation, and all the testing is happening! oh fun. But for those of you in AP classes, testing starts May instead of June, and the realization is just about sinking in now. Have no fear though, this post is to encourage you and if you are not currently taking an AP, maybe this will help you decide if it’s a path you want to take.

First things first…RELAX. I know that stress is probably a very natural occurrence, but you have been studying the material all year. The test won’t be a huge difference from practice tests, so take a free moment sometime to go through a practice test and just relax. It’s all good.

If this is your first AP, CONGRATS! Taking a difficult coarse is tough and it’s even more difficult when you don’t know what to expect, but as long as you realize that you can do this, you will. If you’re feeling uneasy about what you may or may not know, talk to your teacher and your parents about how you feel. They can help too.

But during the test, stay hydrated, stay calm, and stay on-task and you will do fine. No matter what the outcome is, realize that the class was accomplished and feel proud. The best part of it all is realizing what you went through and how much you learned in such a small amount of time.

You got this!


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