Another Year…


As some of you may or may not know, today is my birthday! 🎂

I always tend to post a little something special on my birthday just because, but this year, I really wanted to take a moment to reflect everything that happened since this day last year. A LOT has happened, and I believe that if everyone takes a moment to reflect on everything, it’s really just a cool experience. So without furthur ado, here are eighteen major things that happened within the past year of my life.

  1. I wrote and published a book! (a.k.a. dream come true!)

  2. …and I got to experience a lot of really cool author events because of it!

  3. I graduated high school!

  4. I had my first really-great-feeling audition AND got into the show with a really great part!

  5. I got into a really amazing program at a really great college!

  6. I got to interview some really cool people for this site!

  7. I had my first camping experience during Senior Trip!

  8. I believe that I grew emotionally more this past year than my entire life!

  9. I made several short films which were so fun to make!

  10. I travelled to one of my favorite TV show’s filming locations!

  11. I got to explore California even more!

  12. I had an incredibly amazing school year!

  13. I got to meet some of you at author events!

  14. I started posting videos on YouTube!

  15. I officially have friends on both the east and west coast!

  16. I have really gotten into photography and filled my room with my art and photos!

  17. I lived life to the fullest every day and took chances!

  18. I got to spend this year with friends and family who make every single day so special!

A lot can happen in a year and I am so outrageously proud of everything that had been done. If you truly believe in yourself and your dreams, great things can and will happen and I am so glad that this past year turned out to be as great as it is!

Now, I encourage you to go and write a list of what happened in the past year of your life. What made it great? Where were the ups and the downs? Who were you with?

Until next time!


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