This past weekend I got the experience I never even thought I would ever have.

That’s right; I attended the 2016 Kids Choice Awards.

Of course, if you follow me on social media (especially Twitter), you probably already know that. However, there is far more to the story than what a couple of pictures can show. To better capture the essence of the moment, I thought that I would blog about it and share it with you guys right here.

I went as a seat filler with a friend. We both had never been seat fillers before (or had gone to the KIDS CHOICE AWARDS), but were both incredibly excited for the day ahead! We got to the Forum a bit before one pm, as the call time/check in was between one thirty and two. The sun was shining, I wore a one shoulder blue dress (extremely comfy and I should wear more often) with a green jean jacket, small purse, and light blue Converse (we had to wear bright colors and closed toe shoes). There were palm trees around, a little bit of the classic LA smog (which may not help health, but does make lovely sunsets!) and mountains and hills in the distance. The trendy people waiting in lines in a open area with port-a-potty’s nearby gave this Coachella vibe so that was a decent wait. (Also, used a port-a-potty for the first time. Yes, it was gross, but I really had to go and it was not nearly as bad as I expected. Just saying.)

While in line, the people working the KCA’s in purple tees were informing us the life of a seat filler. Basically, during commercial breaks, the celebrities get up, move around, leave, go to the bathroom, do whatever. During that time, when the cameras start rolling again, they want to make sure that the seats are filled up. So, the seat fillers take a spot, and if the celebrity comes back, moves on to another spot. It’s basically glamorous musical chairs. The cool thing about this was that there is a big possibility that any one of us seat fillers could be sitting beside a celebrity. The bad thing was that they strictly forbid cameras and phones. So, no selfies were allowed. Honestly, this wasn’t really a big complaint, since, being there in the first place was AMAZING and to sit beside a celebrity too was priceless. So, photo or not, I was still a happy camper!

Eventually, we made it through security and into the basement tunnels of the Forum, which was pretty neat in itself. Again, there was a wait and a line, but every now and then crew members would pass by, sometimes with carts of Home Depot orange buckets with gooey green slime inside. There was a lot of slime and I had begun to worry that I too would be slimed. Of course, they only slime mostly the kids, but hey, the ticket said that there was a slight possibility of being slimed depending on where I sat and the last time I actually watched KCA was quite a few years ago now. I still remember the Jack Black year though!

After waiting in the tunnel for a while and noticing how far my foot turns when I turn (the things you learn when you are not allowed to use a phone and bored), we were let into the actual area with the stage, audience, and a TON of lights! I noticed a giant thing of slime called “Blake’s Slime” above the stage and two crates filled with confetti. I was sat in the front row very strategically by the KCA crew, only one empty seat away from my friend. It was cold, but the whole area was so cool! The stage was smaller than it looks on TV and there is a little pit area that was soon filled up with kids and their phones sealed in plastic bags. Oh yeah, one kid even had a poncho. They had the right idea.

Again, it was another wait before the actual celebrities joined us after being on the orange carpet (filmed in an tent set up in one of the parking lot areas). However, fun music was playing and they did provide some chaperoned bathroom trips. I went on one of them, feeling like I was in elementary school again, shuttled around everywhere in a line. We got to pass the hair and makeup, dressing, set up, and all that cool behind the scenes stuff in the basement of the Forum…you know…super behind the scenes stuff. I got back and returned happily to my seat.

However, once the celebrities starting coming in, it was not my seat for long. I did see Rico and Raini Rodriguez pass me by a couple times and for a brief moment, I was sitting right in front of Josh Gad (recently in Pixels, and the voice of Olaf!). Yes, I saw him at the Peanuts Movie Premiere a couple months ago, but this may give you an idea of just how close to everyone I was sitting. Right before the show started, however, my friend and myself were asked to take seats a few rows back. As it turns out, Fifth Harmony took our beautiful front row seats. Casual.

But I sat behind YouTubers. Not sure specifically who they are but the constant snapchat updates and vlogs (that I am totally in now) hinted me to figure out that they must be YouTubers. The show was then about to start and the audience had this massive countdown. The vibe was crazy and everything got to intense. It seemed exciting and completely unreal. As a viewer, you could only see the TV part of the show, but in person, there was definitely an entertaining show with the show. When the storm troopers were on the pre-recorded (spoiler alert) intro, they were actually going through the isles and onto the stage in the theater. The screen was really cool too.

As it turns out, time flies by when you’re practically on the other side of a TV screen. Commercial breaks were frantic and happening all of the time, but they went by so quickly! My friend and myself were kept in the same seats the rest of the time, so that was super convenient. I also looked around a lot and saw a ton of other people there like Tiffany Alvord, Laura Marano, Calum Worthy, Sabrina Carpenter, Zendaya, Rowan Blanchard, practically the entire cast of The Thundermans and Dance Moms, and so many others! I was especially surprised to see Ellen and Adam Sandler…like…how!?!?!?!?!? Enough about me being so amazed, the show was so fun! The whole slime show-down was very entertaining with Bethany Mota and Cameron Dallas and the crowd went WILD for the Iron Man vs. Captain America promo (which we all got signs to hold up and then keep). Another highlight was definitely the performance by DNCE for “Cake By the Ocean” which is totally my JAM lately! Nbd…Joe Jonas totally passed me by during that.

The camera guys were going around getting angles all of the time and we were highly encouraged to break the fourth wall. I’m not sure if I am actually seen as anything more than an audience speck, but if you see me, screenshot it and send it to me @sarahfhamilton via Twitter. Thank you in advance!

The whole show went by so fast and no, I did not get slimed. During the first performance, Blake Sheldon told everyone during break that we all needed to use our phones to be like lighters. It looked magical, but the real magic was being allowed to use my phone and camera! I got a bunch of footage and photos from that point on and I am so glad that I could! After the show, everyone frantically found a way to bundle up and try to leave in this big confined mess. I didn’t mind. It smelled like melted plastic, which is what I think that slime is. The kids were covered and one even through some slime at my friend! She was totally cool about it and kept it for a while because #IGotSlimedAtKCA. It’s gooey stuff and DOES stain clothes AND skin FYI. We took some more pictures and eventually left the theater. It was already dark outside, but the excitement was SO REAL.

After, we went to Chick-fil-a (Chick-fil-BAE) and then got some free froyo curtesy of AwesomenessTV at Yogurtland (thank you ATVSquad!). While at Yogurtland, happily eating froyo, she was taking pictures of the slime and I was looking through the pictures and posting some to Twitter when a young girl at the table next to us looked over and said, “You guys went to the Kids Choice Awards?”. To me, it was really cool, but with the way that she said that, she thought that it was even cooler, which was adorable. We talked to her about it for a bit and then went our own ways. It was cool to be recognized though for it! I never even knew that other people but celebrities could go, so maybe she even thought that we were more than just seat fillers! #Famous.

Ok, I’m not famous, but being able to go to that made me feel kind of like it (in the most humble of ways, of course!). I hope to attend KCA again sometime and I do look forward to seeing what else happens in my chaotic and beautiful life! I will be talking more about this and posting more footage on this week’s LIVIN’ CA episode on YouTube, so make sure that you are subscribed to be the first to see that when it comes out (I am a little behind but it will be out soon!).

I had such a wonderful time at the Kids Choice Awards this year! If you have not already seen it, I highly recommend that you do so! It’s a really great show!


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