Autumn in LA


Los Angeles is literally the sunniest place I know. It’s drop dead gorgeous weather, infinite possibilities, and abundance of things to do may be just a few of the things that drew me here in the first place, but if I have learned anything recently, it is that the weather never really changes and it’s always 75 degrees and sunny. I love it without a doubt, but…FALL TIME.

I am used to cloudy cold days and nights with colorful crisp leaves and a cool breeze where all I do is take aesthetic autumn pictures, write poetry, sip hot apple cider, and remain the cozy happy fall time lover that I am. Turns out, that’s definitely not exactly the case of how these months work here. HOWEVER, I have discovered some ways to get that perfect fall time feeling even if you’re doing so while wearing sunnies and trying not to be sunburned.

  • Embrace cloudy days!
  • Tumblr is a great outlet to get into that fall mood.
  • Halloween movie nights!
  • Wear a scarf…even if it’s a light one!
  • Drink fall-inspired drinks (hot apple cider, PSL, that yummy Toasted Graham Latte at Starbucks…)
  • Chill with fall-inspired chill music playlists.
  • Find fallen leaves and walk in them. Hear the crunch. YAS.
  • Wear darker colors (clothing, nail polish, makeup, etc.)
  • Read somewhere cozy…this one is always a great thing to do!
  • Sit outside on those rare windy days and soak it all in.
  • Go on a hayride or to a haunted house.

I know that about half of these I have already done and October has just begun! Anyways, I hope that you have a very happy fall time and I will definitely be posting more autumn themed posts and videos onto my YouTube channel to keep those fall vibes going strong.

Happy Fall Time!

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