Back to School Collection Week!


Hey there!

It’s summer. I get that. Oh how I do love summer. But as much as we all enjoy the warm, free months of joy, August always creeps up on us and soon enough EVERY SINGLE STORE is promoting their back to school specials. You see it online too. Everywhere you turn, fall apparel and the scent of pencils follow. It’s overwhelming, and quite frankly, takes away from the actual potential fun of shopping for new supplies. Fun? Crazy, I know, right?

Personally, I have always accepted the fact that summer ends. It stinks, but hey, it happens. Complaining won’t stop it, in fact, it could make the remaining time you have quite dreadful. Whether you are getting your lists in the mail for elementary, middle, high school, or even college, the shopping starts, and it gets crazy. Oh, and finding everything you need becomes crazy difficult as they quickly disappear from the shelves.

I’m probably stressing you out just thinking about it. But I’m also here to make it better.

For an entire WEEK, each day I will be posting out different D.I.Y.’s, designs, and ways to prepare yourself for the school year ahead. It’s fun, easy, and makes the hassle a lot more fun. Plus, by the end of the week, your school supplies will be one of a kind and inspire every other student around you. It’s definitely a win-win situation, here.

These daily posts will be from the week of AUGUST 10th – 16th only on Locker Styler. (THIS WEEK!) If you create one of the shown crafts, take a picture of it and post to twitter linking @LockerStyler and using the hashtag #BTSStyled for a follow and your photo being featured on the blog!

I’m super excited! Are you?

Love Always,


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