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I have recently come to realize that YES, I do a LOT of things at once. Working on three books, a YouTube channel, this site, two web series, a micro series, and still managing classes, relaxing, a social life and everything else is pretty overwhelming. Nonetheless, it is SUPER rewarding and when others question how I do it, I have answers.

I hope that this post inspires you to go and do whatever it is that you want to do. People tend to get stuck in this mind set of being so busy working on just one or two things. However, the key to being your own boss and achieving everything and anything is avoiding procrastination and following some simple life choices.

  • Procrastination is the worst, and while it cannot necessarily be completely eliminated, it can be avoided. Once procrastination is avoided on a regular basis, it becomes easy to do a lot more.
  • Movement is also key…sunshine, being out and about, being with others and going out are all key to feeling more capable of doing things. Have that latte, take a walk, see the world…not only does movement inspire, but it also gets you in the right mind set.
  • Being healthy is also key! Working out, eating right, and staying hydrated keeps you from feeling sluggish…which ultimately leads for you to be more in the mood to get stuff done!
  • Keep organized and on track! If you write down in a cute notebook the things you need and want to do, not only is it more fun to look at, but it helps organized the increasing chaos in your life so you don’t have to forget things.
  • Treat-Yo-Self! Every once in a while, relax and do what you want to do! Taking a moment away from the beautiful chaos in your life is the way to keep yourself fresh and less likely to burn out!
  • Do as much as you can handle. It can be hard to figure out at first how much you should handle on a regular basis, but start small and work up slowly and soon enough you can do it all! (Or, at the very least, attempt it!)

Keep track of the things you need to do (school, work, family, friends, etcetera) and what you want to do and soon enough you will be able to manage everything! Sometimes, I don’t even realize how much I am trying to do at once until I write it all down or talk to somebody else about it, but as long as you have a nice, healthy balance of everything, you will be able to achieve it all and become your own boss!

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