Ah, yes. Hello, stress. You have returned yet again.

It is no surprise that life gets crazy…like, really crazy, every now and then. However, this week has really been a test to my natural well being. Between prepping to shoot a web series pilot this weekend to classes, tests, quizzes, homework, rehearsals, book stuff, camera searching, and memorizing two scenes to perform on my Thursday night acting class, plus, planning YouTube videos to film next week, life is hectic and chaotic.Tea and coffee has been my saving grace this week and I have drank more water than I think is even humanly normal lately. I am absolutely obsessed with everything that I have been doing, but of course, this overwhelming week has left me with a strange appetite and an extreme desire for sleep and a peace of mind.

So what do I do when I am completely and utterly going mad? I blog about it. Writing tends to make things better, so here I am. Plus, if you happen to be stressed too, I thought that perhaps, I can even help you out a bit. Basically, here are my TOP TEN TIPS for dealing with your stressed out moments…

  1. Write about it, talk about it! Getting it out there may help jumbled chaos not settle and fester so much in your brain.
  2. Sleep as often as possible! You won’t get any better cramming things in! Sleep is VERY important, so if you have a moment to rest, take advantage of it! (Unless you are like me last night with a stomach ache that kept me up later than I wanted. Needless to say, a little bit of oatmeal, a heating pad, and watching Legally Blonde on Netflix goes a long way!)
  3. Make lists of everything you have to do and want to do and figure out which are prioritized first!
  4. Avoid doing more. Yes, I have a potential audition late tonight, but in this chaotic “March Madness” of my life, I am trying to force myself to not go, use the extra time for sleep, and audition again when I know I have the time to commit to more things.
  5. Remember to eat, but be careful! Stress eating is REAL so eat healthy and in smaller quantities so that even if you tend to eat through the whole day, you’re not consuming too much and weighing yourself down.
  6. Motivate yourself! Work out for a bit, listen to music, do what you got to do to keep yourself going!
  7. Tell others that it’s busy! If your family and friends know how hectic it is for you, they may be able to help or at the very least, know to leave you alone for a while and not add to the stress.
  8. Take longer showers and baths. (Sorry to all of LA in a drought that this is not socially acceptable to do!) Trust me…this is peaceful and will help you think without the nagging at having to go and do something.
  9. Find your stress reliever! Trip to the beach? Reading? Frolicking in a meadow? Ice cream? Find a little reward for yourself to help your motivation going and relax for a bit!
  10. Believe in yourself! You totally got this! Oh, and just remember that after the day/week/month/whenever, the new sense of freedom will be wonderful! There is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel, so think positively!

I hoped that helped you if you’re feeling stressed too. Sure, I probably should be doing a bunch of other stuff (like studying for a quiz in less than an hour or storyboarding my pilot) but hey, just writing all this kept me inspired and feeling better about it. Take things one day at a time. I believe in you.

You got this.


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