Book Blog #1: Summer


This summer, I have been up to a lot of video making, writing, and also, READING! To help with your summer reading, I thought that I would spend some time writing about the books I have been reading lately.

Southland – Nina Revoyr

I picked this book up during college orientation back in June because it was suggested through the school to read. I am very excited to meet the author on campus this fall as I have enjoyed reading this book! There’s a lot with culture and history of LA, which I find mighty interesting due to the fact that I don’t really know much about LA’s culture yet. The story itself follows a young adult out of grad school who’s father passes away and then she begins to uncover the murder of four other boys as well. Throughout the story, however, she begins to discover family secrets from the past. It’s a really great story that left me thinking and wondering.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – Jesse Andrews

This was hands down the most uniquely written book I have ever read in my life so far and I loved it! (Plus, I am beyond excited to see the all-new movie now!) This story rotates around a young filmmaker (who narrates the story in both regular writing, first person point of view, and script), his friend, and a girl who has terminal cancer with very short time left to live. I won’t say too much, but this heartwarming and entertaining book kept me turning pages from start to finish!

Floating Boy and the Girl who Couldn’t Fly – P.T. Jones

I found this book for free at a library giveaway and couldn’t help but read it! The unique story follows a girl who is at a party and sees this boy who can float/fly. After that, wierd things start happening as her brother can suddenly float, the adults of the neibourhood get sick, and kids are gaining wierd powers. Needless to say, I also read this cover to cover and loved finding out what was going to happen next! Plus, I also enjoyed seeing a new view on what it would be like to fly. (which, of course, we would all want to do!)

White is for Magic – Laurie Faria Stolarz

I started reading this on the way back from a trip, which was strange in itself because the author was raised in Salem, MA, which I had just visited! Anyway, the second to the series (in which I haven’t read the first yet!) this magical story captures a young girl who is having nightmares that haunt her regulary and predict future events. She believes that she is being haunted by the ghost of a girl she once knew. To make matters worse, a new student enters her life and they plan to team up to hunt down a killer but it becomes questionable if she can actually trust him at all. I love the magic and witchcraft that was sprinkled throughout this book and I do want to continue reading this series.

I hope that my summer book blog suggested some great reads that you can enjoy! If you liked this post, let me know in the comments, contact me through social media (tweet @LockerStyler), or contact me however you would like. Also, stay tuned for the second Book Blog post for Fall! I’m thinking of making this a seasonal thing!

Happy Reading!




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