Book Blog #2: Fall 2015

 Hello and welcome back to the second edition of BookBlog!

Recently, I have been super busy with literally everything from college to writing and filmmaking, acting…even swing dancing! It’s been very eventful but I have still been keeping up with reading as much as I can. Here are my fall reads!

“Really Professional Internet Person” by Jenn McAllister

I went to Jenn’s book tour event at the Grove in LA the second day I got here and it was amazing to meet her and get a signed copy of her amazing new book! This book is really interesting especially for me because of the fact that it’s pretty relatable to what I do as a young filmmaker, especially throughout high school. It’s been really great reading her story.

“On Writing” by Steven King

I have been meaning to read this for a while now due to the fact that a) it was recommended a while back by a friend and b) I love writing. Luckily, I was able to track this book down at the campus library and I have seriously been enjoying it ever since. Definitely a must read if you’re a writer!

“The Complete Plays” by John Millington Synge

This book is a collection of Synge’s Irish plays, which I read for my first year seminar class. It’s a bit different from what I usually read, but I actually enjoyed it nonetheless and learned more about literature within Ireland, which is always cool. Although the text is sometimes difficult to understand, reading these plays was a great way to learn more about Irish culture.

“Dubliners” by James Joyce

Again, this is another required book for my first year seminar class, but it has been an enjoyable read nonetheless. This book is composed of short stories, again, revolving around Ireland. Reading these have even inspired me to start writing short stories again, however…when do I have time for that again?

“The Black Swan” by Mercedes Lackey

If you have been keeping up with “Once Upon a Time” lately, then I am certain that this title stood out to you! Anyway, I ended up finding this on a free-bee giveaway shelf on campus and it was such a great choice to pick up! Everybody needs to read some fairytales, and this book is perfect to do so.

Oh so very sadly, I have not been able to read quite as much as I would like to due to the wonderful business of my first semester in college, but I still have made it a point to read some books and will continue to do so. Check back soon for all new posts and the upcoming Winter Book Blog where I release what books I’ll read in the winter! Also, you can stay updated 24/7 with the books I read (and write!) on my Goodreads page!

Happy Reading!



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