BTS Day 1: Recycle!


Hey there!

So today’s tip and advice for this BTS collection series is to RECYCLE. If you have any old school supplies that were not used or barely used last year, you can re-use those and save money this year. There are plenty of amazing ways to spice up old school supplies such as…

  • adding glitter glue for some shimmy and shine
  • using decorative tape patterns to change up the look
  • using permanent markers to doodle all over your old boring notebooks and folders to create funky one-of-a-kind supplies!

By spicing up old school supplies, you can enhance what you already have and have a fun summer D.I.Y. project! This year I recycled graph paper and added some glitter glue to the regularly boring top, fixed my locker mirror and spiced it up, and found old pens and pencils that with a little bit of decoration turned into stylish supplies.

I hope that helps! Believe me, spicing up old stuff always helps save some money, and still put purpose to items that weren’t really needed before! This is also a great way to get unique styled supplies that no one else will have, so you’re also less likely to get them confused with somebody else! Start here, and THEN go supply shopping for the new stuff you need. 🙂

Recycle It Up!


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