BTS Day 2: Summertime Memories!


Hey there!

So today I have this super cute idea for something to keep on your locker door all throughout the year… Summer Memory Photos! For this, I really like the Polaroid look (hey there, 90’s kids!) but you can create that look even without a Polaroid camera! This idea is a super cute way to look back on your favorite summer memories throughout the year.

First things first, collect about four photos of top events that happened in the summer. These photos can be from a camera or even your phone! Take those snapped moments and print out small copies of them. (You can print on photo paper or regular paper.)

Next, you’re going to want to take hard stock white paper and cut them down into small squares and rectangles. Glue or tape your pictures onto the paper, leaving white spaces around the edges and a big opening for a caption along the bottom.

Caption your photos! On the back, in the corner, write down “summer of …” and whatever year it was taken so that you will always know, especially if they are used future years.

Tape or attach magnets to the back to put them in your locker! Make copies to give to your friends for their lockers too!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s D.I.Y. project. I certainly did! Check back again tomorrow for a whole new post for my BTS series!

Stay Creative!


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