BTS Day 4: What’s on the Agenda


Hey there!

Happy day four of the BTS series! Today I’m going to show you guys my little trick for staying organized throughout the year and feeling really amazing about it!

First things first, I know that some schools assign a certain agenda to you. Over the years I have seen so many students use and abuse these and then complain about having too much to do and feeling stressed all the time. If you have one, feel free to decorate it however you want to make it more personal, and if you don’t have one from the school, I highly recommend picking a little one up at a store.

Having a little agenda in your school bag, in a take home folder or binder, or even in your locker will defiantly help! Use multi colored pens to distinguish between school work, after school work, and your own personal to-do’s. I always add a page to list all the books I read throughout the year as well. It keeps you remembering about tests and due dates, plus, it inspires you to get stuff done more. Hey, it feels great to mark something off your list of things to do!

Stay organized, and plan! Decorate it, and make this year’s agenda a full year round yearbook!

Stay Organized!


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