BTS Day 5: D.I.Y. Notebook


Hey there!

Happy fifth day of my BTS series! Today I want to show you guys a fun, simple way to make a little notebook. Personally, i’m going to use mine as a mini literary journal for poetry and inspiration n’ stuff like that, but this can also be an ADORABLE little book for whatever little purposes you may have for during school. Even as a carry around easy source for extra paper, it’s light, small, and easy to make!


  • cereal box
  • scissors
  • several sheets of printer paper
  • fancy wrapping paper or decorative tape
  • tape
  • permanent markers
  • hairband
  • button
  • thread
  • needle


  1. Take the empty cereal box and cut accordingly to make a long rectangle. Bend it in half, or like a book so that there is a little bit of room in the middle fold section like a binder.

  2. Fold so that the inside cardboard of the box is facing outward, and the cereal logos and such are inside.

  3. Use the wrapping paper or decorative tape to go over the non-cardboard looking section. This will be your inside cover.

  4. Fold your pages of printed paper together. Make sure that they fit evenly like a book inside of the cover you just made. If it doesn’t, trim accordingly.

  5. Place the pages inside the cover, and using the thread and needle, sew the pages in the middle to the book. Use a thumb tack to make poking the holes into the cardboard a lot easier! Remember to tie a tight knot at the end so it doesn’t come undone.

  6. On the front, sew on a large button like a door handle. On the other side, add the hairband to go around the button. Secure it all in place.

  7. Use the permanent markers and other decorating craft items to decorate your book, and you’re set!

There you have it! Here’s a final look at my book, and stay tuned throughout the fall to see what this turns into! Can you say, another upcoming autumn D.I.Y.?!?!?!?


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post of the BTS series, and don’t forget that if YOU make this and post a picture on twitter @LockerStyler using the hashtag #BTSstyled, YOU can be featured on the blog! I can’t wait to see what you guys create!

Stay Crafty!


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