BTS Day 6: Trendy Fashion!


Hey there!

So while you are all Back To School shopping, there are a few little things that I personally recommend getting for strutting through the halls! Of course, keeping it cute and cozy is the way to go, but being trendy and stylish is always a great WOW factor that always feels great! Here are some of my top stylish things for school apparel…

– Scarves! Cute, and keeps you toasty when it gets chilly!
– Cute Sneakers! For gym AND throughout the day!
– Light Sweatshirts! These add that nice extra layer for the chillier rooms without the extra need for wearing too much and getting to hot everywhere.
– Dressier Outfits! From dresses to skirts, it’s always fun to dress up every once and a while!
– Flats! The PERFECT shoes for school that literally go with just about everything.

and last but not least, find what feels great, looks great, and makes YOU happy. Confidence is ALWAYS key to anything you wear, and if you like it and it works for you, that’s what truly matters.

Good luck! See you tomorrow!

Style On!


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