BTS Day 7: Lovely Locker


Hey guys!

So today is the LAST DAY of my BTS series and it’s been a great week of great ideas for you this school year. Of course, there just has to be a post on decorating your locker to the max, and I’m super excited to show you a few little ideas to how. Having a stylish, organized locker is not only eye appealing and jaw dropping to everyone else, but it helps keep you happy and organized. After all, your locker is really the only place in the school dedicated as YOURS. Here are some of my favorite items to include in my locker…

  • Chandelier: Stores carry mini locker chandeliers and they are so adorable! Plus, a little bit of light in your locker brightens up the small space, and illuminates your stuff so it’s not so dark and dingy.
  • Mirror: Girls AND boys! I cannot stress enough how much a locker mirror helps! From a quick check with makeup, hair, and even after-lunch once overs, it’s really important so that somebody else doesn’t point out an embarrassing smudge or food stuck on your face! It’s helped a TON. Trust me on this one…
  • Rug/Flooring: I know this may seem kind of unnecessary, but you want to be able to keep even the bottom of your locker clean.
  • Magnets, Photos, Accessories: Cute quotes, magnets, and all that fun little stuff is totally adorable to keep on your locker door.
  • Gym Bag: Even if you have a gym locker, I would recommend keeping a pair of sneakers and some socks in your locker. Throw in deodorant too! You never know when you’re going to need it.
  • Shelving: These are a must. Organize all your folders, books, and binders on locker shelves.
  • Mini Air Freshener: Pick up a little mini car air freshener to hang in your locker. I did this with an apple scented one and I’m certain that I will again. It keeps your locker smelling fresh without being overly scented and stinking up the place.

These are just a FEW simple ideas of ways to spice up your locker. Keep posted as over the next few weeks I will update the Tour My Locker page, where I will post pictures of my locker.

Thank you again for joining me on my first BTS series week. I hope you were inspired and have some great ideas to help you start this school year right! But until then, enjoy the rest of your summer and be happy!

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