Tumblr-Insipred D.I.Y.’s!

Hey there!

Recently, I have been super into D.I.Y. projects, being productive, and watching far too many YouTube videos. Thus, I give you a post with some fun Tumblr-inspired DIY projects that I came up with to share with you today! I think that these are fun things to make and do when you have the means. Plus, they are super filter-ready for when you snap those pics of the finished product and share it to friends and followers!

Internet Chick Nerd Glasses

Take an old pair of movie theater 3D glasses and pop out the inner lenses. It’s super easy. Then, take a sharpie, paint, or even black nail polish to make the sides logo-less and look more authentic. Use for a silly photoshoot wih friends or just find a fun place to put them as decoration! Oh, and pair it up with some coffee and your phone and voila! Sooooo tumblr-esque.

Personal Designer Sunnies

You can take an old pair of sunglasses, or even a cheap pair that you may find, and decorate the outside. Nail polish tends to work really well, but you may wish to make a few layers to make sure that it stays. This way, you can have one of a kind sunnies that look super cute and original anywhere you go!

Clothes Pinned Memory Board

Especially for summer, I think it’s super fun to keep some photos of the memories you make and print them out to look at. If you have a polaroid camera, you can get a really vintaged look with this, but you can also print even your filtered photos from your phone, crop them, and hang them up! Take a board of some sort, decorate it as you please, find somewhere cool to put it, take little mini clothespins and string, and hang them up on the board! Use the clothespins to hold the photos. So cute and so fun!

Twinkling Lights

This is one you’re going to especially love at night! Take some white christmas lights and hang them up around your room, on your headboard, or anywhere you wish! When plugged in, they give a beautiful scenery to any room which is super cute and so cool to spice up your room with!

Flower Power

Fake flowers are the best flowers because, simply put, they never die. They are the beauty that lasts forever! That’s why, by getting some fake flowers from a craft’s shop or somewhere that sells fake flowers, you can arrange them wherever you want! They can also come into play when taking aesthetic pictures to post online, so that’s always an awesome plus too! OH, and if you make a little flowercrown out of them, instantly, your DIY becomes very “Coachella”!

So I hope that you liked this post! “What DIY project are you going to make?” Let me know in the comments below o tweet me @LockerStyler!

Get your craftyness on!


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Hey there!

Learning something new is always a great thing to do, and lately, that “something new” happens to be cinemagraphs! I love photography and video so the idea of combining them into one seemed incredibly awesome. Naturally, I had to give it a try! After a really long time looking at cinemagraphs online, I started to get some ideas about how to make one myself. It took a while to create one, but I think I may have just found a skill that you may continue to see on this blog for a quite a while…

Here’s how to take a cinemagraph!

  1. Find the subject with something moving.
  2. Stabilize your camera or phone so that there’s no unneccesary shaky-cam action going on.
  3. Take a video of your subject. It only needs to be about 2-3 seconds long!
  4. Upload video into a computer OR get a phone app that can make a cinemagraph!
  5. If using the computer, use a program like Photoshop to make a gif.
  6. Highlight the area of movement ONLY.
  7. Make sure that when the video plays, the rest of the unmoving area stays still.
  8. When it’s to your liking, save it!
  9. Share with friends, family, and all of those followers!

Oh, and if you do make a cinemagraph, feel free to tweet it to me @LockerStyler! Hey, I may even feature YOUR cinemagraph in an upcoming post!

Good Luck!


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Happy Earth Day!


Hey Stylists!

This week’s post had to be on Monday instead of the weekend because today is Earth Day! Earth Day is a day to promote awareness of the Earth and the issues on it. Every day, the Earth has pollution problems and other forms of destruction that could eventually cause some major problems for the planet. Today, I wanted to take a moment to post some fantastic ways to celebrate Earth Day as well as help our planet every day of the year.

  • RECYCLE plastic bottles, paper, and other recycling materials
  • REUSE containers and other items instead of throwing them out
  • PLANT a tree, bush, or flower to increase the amount of oxygen in the world
  • TALK to other people about Earth Day and get them involved to make the world more “greener”!

Another fantastic way to speak out about Earth Day is making a video enforcing taking care of the environment, and even reusing old plastic bottles to make a fun art project to place somewhere that others can see it! I have a very special Earth Day D.I.Y. today…

SPREAD THE WORD Earth Day project

  1. Write a poem or select a poem off of the Internet communicating about the environment
  2. Take a plastic bottle, some string, and a little bit of glue or tape
  3. Place the poem on the string and tie the other end of the string to the bottle
  4. If you have sea shells, leaves, or any other “earthy” materials, place them inside of the bottle
  5. Place this bottle somewhere public (in your school, at the mall, etc.) for others to see

The best thing about this project is that it can be done for any time of the year! Earth Day only comes once a year, but everyday we should do something to help the environment.

What are you going to do for the Earth? Comment below, and don’t forget to send a picture if you choose to make the D.I.Y. project and it may be featured in an upcoming post!

Sarah <3

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A Touch Of Magic: DIY Dreamcatcher!


Hey, Stylists!

I woke up in a super artsy mood, and decided that this fabulous post had to be posted. Lately, I have become fond of dreamcatchers. The ledgend behind a dreamcatcher is that it can be placed above beds and used as a charm to prevent any nightmares to come to someone as they sleep. These dreamcatchers are very detailed as each inner web and bead could symbolize for something, such as an eye, or birds wing. Most commonly, dreamcatchers have feathers and are made with outdoor twigs and branches. The creation of dreamcatchers led to a more popular item that is seen in a very peacefull manner.

If you live somewhere close to a lot of nature, you can easily make this project with leaves, twigs, and branches you find around outside. Craft stores are a great place to find colorful threads and feathers as well. For my dreamcatcher today, I used beads, string, metal, and a keychain hoop, as well as some sparkles and paint.


  • beads
  • metal strands
  • keychain hoop
  • brown acrylic paint
  • silver sparkles
  • string/ long twist tie


  1. Take the keychain hoop, and paint it brown. Let it dry completely and add the sparkles before it dries.
  2. As the keychain hoop is drying, put some beads on the metal strands, and make sure the beads won’t fall out. Make about three strands with room at the end to attach to the hoop later.
  3. If you would like to make the dream catcher into a necklace, add a beaded necklace or transform a beaded reading glasses holder.
  4. When the hoop is dry, take some string and wrap around the inside of the hoop forming a pattern.
  5. When that is fully attached. Add the bead strands. Make sure they are secure on the hoop!
  6. If you are making a necklace, attach the dreamcatcher onto the necklace at this time.
  7. Place your dreamcatcher wherever you please! They look great in windowsills and lockers!

I LOVE this DIY project, and I hope you did too! Are you going to make your own dreamcatcher? Let me know in the comments below!

*You can also see more photos of my dreamcatcher in the gallery!*

Sarah <3

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Lots Of Love (DIY)


Hello Stylists!

It’s almost Valentines Day, and there are many wonderful gifts and crafts you can make to either decorate, or give to that someone special. This beautiful (and fun!) DIY project is a perfect gift for a friend, family member, or boyfriend/girlfriend, and looks absolutely STUNNING inside lockers!

Lets get started…


  • photograph of a flower, special moment, or anything that speaks out to you.
  • festive pattern wrapping paper (or you can be creative and design your own)
  • cardboard
  • glue
  • black perminent marker
  • scissors


  1. Take your cardboard and cut it down into a square. Cut another square on the inside so it would be a frame shape.
  2. Trim your photograph so that the image fits inside of the frame. Make sure there is extra paper at over the little square.
  3. Put that aside for a moment, and bring out the design wrapping paper. Cut it out so that it fits perfect over the frame front.
  4. Glue that in place.
  5. When dry, flip the frame around and add your photo. Place it carefully in the frame, facing the right direction, and then glue it in place.
  6. Add another piece of black covered cardboard over the back of the frame. Glue that in place.
  7. When you are happy with the result, sign the front of the frame and add a bow or ribbon if desired.
  8. Use the frame as decoration, or give it as a gift this Valentines Day!

This gift is a certain win! If you decide to make this, take a picture of it and send it to me! It may be featured in an upcoming post. You can also post the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #LotsOfLoveDIY and leave your user name in the comments below!

Sarah <3


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Quotes Today, Smiles Forever! DIY

Express YOUR Self

Happy February!

It is already the second month of 2013, and today, I’ve decided to post a brand new DIY project for your locker! One thing about me is that I absolutly LOVE quotes, and I will find any way to show that. If you love quotes, (which I can’t see why you wouldn’t) I highly reccomend trying out this DIY project which turns any locker into a place of inspiration and peace.


  • wrapping paper
  • tape and glue
  • bold markers (preferably, Sharpie brand)
  • cut out shapes of contruction and/or white printer paper


  1. Set your locker door empty so that absolutely nothing is on it.
  2. Tape the wrapping paper inside the door, and cut out the edges so that the paper fits perfectly on the door.
  3. When secure, write down some of your favorite quotes using a black marcer on the white printer paper, and place it with glue or tape on the construction paper cut outs. Add color wherever needed!
  4. Place the quotes on the cut outs on the locker door and make sure that they will stay. For extra support, place magnets on the corners.
  5. Place any other locker accessory for the door back on it.

This is a fantastic way to decorate your locker, while having some of your favorite quotes on it too! If you’re looking for great quotes to use, try searching around online or check out the page on this site for the Quotes Of The Week! http://www.lockerstyler.com/?page_id=56

Do you have a favorite or original quote that you would like to share? If so, comment them below, and they may be featured in an upcoming post or the Quote Of The Week page!


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2013: New Year, Fresh Start!

this or that

Hello Stylers!

HAPPY 2013! It’s a brand new year, and a great time to start fresh!

Even though it’s only been a few months, believe it or not, it’s already been HALF of the school year! Your locker is probably pretty beat up from everything you put in and out of it over the past few months, so now is a FANTASTIC time to re-decorate, clean, and organize your locker for the remainder of the school year. To help you do this, I have this little quiz (don’t worry…no grade ;D) that will help you find out what you need to do to fix your locker to make it a better place for keeping all your folders, supplies, and books.


  1. Your locker can be described as… (A) messy (B) organized
  2. Your locker is… (A) dull (B) colorful
  3. You are… (A) sporty (B) artistic

MOSTLY A: You are in need of a winter cleaning! Don’t fear though, I highly suggest spending some time cleaning out your locker and organizing a bit, and it will look a lot better and even better than it did back in September!

MOSTLY B: You are artsy, and creative so a messy locker is probably adding some subconscious stress. Re-organize and use wallpaper to brighten up your busy space!

If you have any other incredible ways to clean out your locker for the new year, remember to drop a comment below and it may be featured in an upcoming post!

Happy New Year!





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