apps you need in la

If you are visiting and especially if you are living in LA, there are some very important apps that I highly recommend having downloaded onto your phone!

  • Uber/Lyft – transportation is key!
  • Postmates/UberEats/DoorDash/Tapingo – when traffic happens, you’re hungry, and it is leagues easier to just order in…
  • Google Maps – the Safari one is okay, but having both on hand will give more options for optimal driving routes even in the middle of mass traffic.
  • Venmo/Paypall – who carries cash? pay back your friends and let them pay you back too with this app.
  • Eventbrite – need something to do? this app literally uses your location and finds current events. you are so very welcome.
  • Social Media (Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn) – not only are they fun and entertaining, but this is a key way to make connections in a city that uses social media as not only a time-passer, but a business technique.
  • Photo editing apps like FaceTune, VSCO, PicMonkey…whatever floats your photogenic boat. (But seriously, why is there no photo app that literally does it all!?!?)

Are there any apps I missed? Let me know on twitter (@sarahfhamilton) or in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but if in the case that any of these apps (or others) would like to sponsor me, i’m cool with that so let me know. 🙂

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Fancy Friday!


Hey there!

Happy FRIDAY! That’s right! This week’s post is on a FRIDAY because I wanted to share something that I participate with just about every friday of the year.

At my school, the art department encourages everyone to dress up for “Fancy Friday” every friday. Throwing on a dress and feeling extra fancy on friday is actually a great way to brighten the day and end the school week on a high note. Turns out, this turned into such a habit for me that even throughout the summer, I have been known to still participate in Fancy Friday.

So, what do you have to do? I encourage each and every single one of you to dress up a bit on fridays. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or anything, but if you dress fancy and then get your friends to join you, it will be a fun end of the week entertaining day of smiles for everyone. Hey, if you even post a picture of yourself being all fancy on friday, post it to Instagram and tag it #LSFancyFriday or post it on Twitter and tag me @LockerStyler. Follows, RT’s, featurings, prizes, and more for those who do this!

Stay Classy, Sassy, and Always Fancy,


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Let’s Talk Coffee


Hey there!

I deeply apologize for my total lack of posts over the past few weeks. End of school craziness got in the way! But nonetheless, I’m back! Today’s post I just wanna talk coffee.

One location I love to be at is in a cafe. Those cute coffee shops are so quaint, play the most relaxing music, and serve up the greatest beverages. But hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have a bit of that at home too?

Here’s my top ideas for bringing a bit of that coffeehouse love back home for any time of the day use. 🙂

collect coffee sweaters

write poetry

listen to coffee shop music (usually alternative)

read a good book


be inspired 

write down any word in your head 

These are just some starting ideas, but of course, there is always more to expand on. Feel free to add onto this list, and expand on these ideas. There are plenty of great ways to get that calming coffee shop feel. Also, check out some recipes for coffee and little side snacks that you can easily make at home!


Apple Squares


Oolong Tea

Mocha Latte

Hot Apple Cider

I hope you enjoy bringing that coffeehouse love into your own home with these suggestions. What is your favorite coffeehouse detail? Let me know in the comments below. Oh, and follow me on Twitter @LockerStyler for instant updates, behind the scenes look, contests, and more!



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To The Moon & Back… (GALAXY STYLE!)


Hey Stylists!

I’m sorry that there have not been many posts lately. Life has been a bit-actually a lot- busy lately! This post should make up for it though. First things first, I will be posting each week at least one post from now on. You can expect a post every weekend, and hopefully a few random ones throughout the week! Now, lets get to the good stuff…

This week’s post is about one of my favorite trends lately…GALAXY! The galaxy prints have been seen all over the Internet as well as clothing and phone cases! I thought that if any of you like the galaxy look, a neat way to bring it to you is by decorating your locker with this funky print! Here are some ways to style your locker to make it “out of this world!”

  • WRAPPING PAPER: Galaxy print wrapping paper can be used as a fantastic background to your locker door!
  • STAR MAGNETS: Reach for the stars and use some funky star magnets to get that galaxy look!
  • LOCKER CHANDALEIR: Sold at most office supply stores, you can buy a locker chandelier to light up your locker with different colors to add that galaxy effect.
  • GALAXY QUOTES: There are many inspirational quotes relating to the galaxy! Find a few that you like and add them into your locker.

What other great ways can you express your galaxy-themed style for a locker? Let me know your ideas in the comments below!

Sarah <3


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