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Learning something new is always a great thing to do, and lately, that “something new” happens to be cinemagraphs! I love photography and video so the idea of combining them into one seemed incredibly awesome. Naturally, I had to give it a try! After a really long time looking at cinemagraphs online, I started to get some ideas about how to make one myself. It took a while to create one, but I think I may have just found a skill that you may continue to see on this blog for a quite a while…

Here’s how to take a cinemagraph!

  1. Find the subject with something moving.
  2. Stabilize your camera or phone so that there’s no unneccesary shaky-cam action going on.
  3. Take a video of your subject. It only needs to be about 2-3 seconds long!
  4. Upload video into a computer OR get a phone app that can make a cinemagraph!
  5. If using the computer, use a program like Photoshop to make a gif.
  6. Highlight the area of movement ONLY.
  7. Make sure that when the video plays, the rest of the unmoving area stays still.
  8. When it’s to your liking, save it!
  9. Share with friends, family, and all of those followers!

Oh, and if you do make a cinemagraph, feel free to tweet it to me @LockerStyler! Hey, I may even feature YOUR cinemagraph in an upcoming post!

Good Luck!


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