Up in the penthouse one lovely Friday afternoon, I got to attend the table read of City Girl, a screenplay written by Sarah Ramos when she was only twelve. Being someone who:

a.) absolutely LOVES fun, fancy LA events

b.) appreciates the power of childhood dreams/thoughts/ideas coming to life

completely enjoyed this event and thought that I would write a bit about it!

At the start of the event as the guests arrived, there were complementary homemade pop-tarts, cupcake, twinkies, and grapefruit champagne. The entire penthouse had the most adorable girly decor, and everyone there was dressed very trendy. I literally felt like I was in the Nasty Gal release party scene at the end of the Netflix series, Girlboss. Between mingling and just watching everything that was going on, I munched on a pop-tart or two and took fancy photos because the aesthetic was strong.

The event soon after began and a stellar cast for the reading joined the “stage”. Sarah Ramos, Brittany Snow, Rosario Dawson, Nick Thorburn, Thomas Mann, Vanessa Chester, Max Burkholder, Dylan Gelula, and Brendan Scannel were all there, bringing a script from Sarah’s twelve-year-old brain to life. It was a table read like no other with laughs, 90’s flashbacks, and a whole lots of inspiring vibes among everyone in the room.

Afterwards, there was a brief Q&A session about the inspiration for the series and the process of bringing it back to life.

This was such a fun event that I loved being a part of!

Watch CITY GIRL here:

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