Coffee Appreciation Post

Coffee lovers unite!

Some people may argue that I am a coffee addict. I, personally do not believe that to be true. For one, I can go with or without coffee. Unless there is a time where I have it regulary and then stop suddenly, I don’t get those dreaded coffee-withdrawl headaches often. Still, that doesn’t mean that I don’t severely love coffee.

In fact, it is a warm and sunny thursday morning as I write this post (does 11:56am count as morning?) and I am currently sitting down with a cup of coffee. Realizing that there are many different ways I love my morning brew, I thought that todays coffee-appreciation post should highlight some great ways to enjoy.

1. Bold. – Bold coffee, in my opinion, is a great way to go. You don’t even need much to get that kickstart. It’s great and easy to put together on-the-go!

2. Mocha – I actually fell in love with coffee at a coffeeshop when I ended up with a mocha instead of a hot chocolate. Let’s just say that it’s a hot chocolate with a kick! This is probably my favorite way to have coffee to today.

3. Latte – This is a recent trend that I have been exploring. I take the fresh bold brew and add a bit of warmed milk and a tiny pinch of sugar. It’s still bold, but a bit creamy.

4. Beginner’s Brew – When I first started drinking coffee, bold was sooo not for me! But I did find that if you take regular coffee and water it down, it makes it really good! I didn’t like creamers so this way got me hooked.

Those are just a few of my favorite ways to have coffee. If you are a coffee-lover, I do have some additional tips to how I keep coffee in my life, even when not at home.

TO GO – There are plenty of really great coffee’s that can be refrigerated or kept anywhere that provide a quick java-on-the-go. These are great for any occasion, in my opinion.

EMERGENCY KIT – I can admit it; I keep a little makeup bag with teas, hot chocolate mixes and coffee packets in my locker at all times alongside a mug. This is a great way to always have the ability to make extra throughout the day. I have used this often over the past year and I wish I thought of doing so earlier!

KNOW WHERE THE BEAN IS – Local coffeeshops? Favorite drinks? Know where to go if in need of a quick fix! There are coffeeshops EVERYWHERE and even if you’re out of state, it’s nice to feel as if a cup of coffee is always right around the corner.

Without further ado, I hope all of you coffee drinkers out there found some great tips in this post. Oh, and for those who don’t like coffee, maybe this inspired you to give it another go. I had fun writing this post this morning and I hope you enjoyed reading it! But as always…

“Do you like coffee? What is your favorite way to enjoy it?” 
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Your Coffee-Loving Friend,



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