There. I said it. The forbidden “C”-word that all high schoolers hear far too often.

I am officially in my first year of college and I have moved in as of this past Thursday. So far, it has been a really cool and new experience, but it is far too clear to me that this whole adjustment is going to take a while to get used to. You see, throughout my life, I really only thought about the future up until that terrifyingly emotional break away from my family for college. Call me over dramatic, but it’s a really terrifying thought when you’re so family oriented. As I write this, I have moved past that particular moment, but now, I know that it’s only a matter of a few hours until my family fly back to the east coast.

And I am alone. Here. On the other side of the country. Until either Thanksgiving or Christmas. On the longest trip away from home in my life.

Don’t get me wrong here; I absolutely love it here and I am so excited for what the future is about to bring, but I seriously don’t have really any idea of what to expect and I have already learned that it is humanly possible to be upset and happy all at the same time. (Which, at least I can seriously cry on demand now…yay, acting skills!)

That is why I wanted to write this to you. Whoever you are or whatever you’re doing. I want to help give you a little insight for those first little things that I have learned in the past three days.

  1. Saying Goodbye Sucks and That’s OKAY
  2. Hard Decisions Can Be The Best Ones
  3. You Will Eventually Find Your Squad…Even If It’s Not Instant
  4. Keep Introducing Yourself But Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself If You Forgot Everyone’s Names
  5. Sadness Happens. Cry In Bathrooms
  6. (Part.2 of #5) If You Are Sad But Don’t Want to Cry, Avoid Bathrooms
  7. Smile & Remember Why You’re Here
  8. Dress Comfortably and Drink Water
  9. Figure Out What Works For You and What Doesn’t
  10. Keep Connected to Those You Know & Love

Oh, and have time for YOU! (I am speaking from experience as I am taking my first free moment here to chill and be alone for a moment.) But really, I do believe that sometimes the hardest things are the ones that let us grow the most and in the big picture of things, when you look at all of the positive outlooks and meet others, it will only be a matter of time before everything is all okay again.

In conclusion, college is fun, exciting, and more cool than I could have ever imagined. The next chapter of life is here and it’s offering me so very much. But even if it’s difficult to be in that adjusting time, just realize that life moves on and there is so much greatness about to happen and probably even already happening! Stay positive and just enjoy all that life is offering you.

Best of luck!

(If you’re not in college yet, that’s fine too! Enjoy whatever you’re up to and maybe this can help you see that, just maybe, the “C”-word called “College” isn’t so scary at all.)


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  1. Beautifully written and well said. I hope MANY people read what you wrote because you are truly an inspiration!
    I wish you all the joy and happiness college brings to your life and beyond.

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