Color Your Life!


Happy, Happy July!!!!

I love July! Fireworks, summer time, my birthday, oh and the list goes on and on! Now that it is July, and it is definitely summer, let’s put away those dull winter greys and rock the color filled world! Here are a few great ways to rock all the main colors…and of course every shade and hue of them!

  • BLACK: Anything neon and some black makes the colors pop a ton.
  • BLUE: Match the sky or the ocean…blues mean SUMMER!
  • RED: It’s festive and eye-catching!
  • GREEN: Add green anywhere and the great vivid grass color follows!
  • ORANGE: Stand out with orange. You can’t go wrong.
  • PINK: Any pink is a great pink.
  • PURPLE: Mellow down and relax with such a calming, pretty color.
  • YELLOW: Sunshine all the way!
  • WHITE: Lighten up anything with white! Put some vivid colors close by and MWAH! It’s instant WOW.

Whether you wear, decorate a room, or design a color party, all these color schemes are pretty wicked awesome and I guarantee you will even cheer up more with all these awesome colors!

What is your favorite color? What color is your “SUMMER COLOR”? Let me know with those fabulous comments below!


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