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TO: you (the ones that check out my posts on this site)

Dear reader,

It has almost been a full year since this blog first released and after a year of building ideas and forming a base for this site, I am ready to expand this site. For a couple of days I may change the look and style.

In addition to visual changes, there are also some ways of social changes! Starting today you can go and follow Locker Styler ( @lockerstyler ) on Twitter! When there are 50 followers I will start a very special Twitter Contest that you might not want to miss!

To go and follow the account, click the upper twitter button at the top of this blog or go search @lockerstyler.

I favorite shout-outs, retweet & answer questions, and I follow any fan account for this blog! Just tweet me and use #LockerStyler.

Also, there is a Pinterest account for Locker Styler as well! Click on that link at the top to go there.

Thank you so much!



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