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So I’ve been super duper busy this week! It actually took me a while to plan out this post, but I’ve got it covered. 🙂

Writing is a way to express oneself or really just be totally creative. In the world of writing…ANYTHING is possible. But where to start? I created a little list of eight creative writing prompts to help you get started…

1. Nail Polish names & Paint Color names: At a loss of words? Choose a few of these to help you generate ideas and stories.
2. Reverse World: What if one part of your past changed? Imagine what your life would have been like and write about it.
3. Show, Not Tell: Take away bland basic sentence forms and describe whats happening. Avoid words that just tell whats going on and expand.
4. Name Hunting: Finding names for characters can be really difficult…especially when you won’t use a name that you already know someone by! Look up name lists online or even walk around a cemetery for ideas.
5. Write a phone conversation using nothing but dialogue.
6. Write a face-to-face scene using nothing but descriptions.
7. Write a fairytale featuring you: Put yourself into a fairytale! What would you be like?
8. Take a quote and relate it to something: this something could be a real life event of yours or someone else. It could also relate to another story or experience that you could even make up!

So this week I’m challenging YOU! Write a little something everyday on your own and feel free to share it here! If you feel comfortable with sharing, post it in the comments below or out to the world through some social media. I may even feature it here on LS!

“What do you write about?” Let me know in the comments below!


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