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So, writing. The other day, I was on a couple hour car ride. You know how those go…sleep, look out window while dramatically listening to music, and eating car snacks. Yeah, we’ve all been there, done that. But this time I brought my Moleskine notebook from the Literary Magazine group that I’m a part of, and started a new prompt idea. It sparked a great couple of writing pieces. Needless to say, it sparked a perfect post for this week on Locker Styler.

Write to a future and past version of yourself at a time where life is taking a turn.

What I really like about this prompt, is that, it got me thinking. At this part of my life, I can definitely think about a time where my life was changing. At the same time, it was cool to think about a time in the future where my life will be completely different than it is now. Our lives are not written in stone, but thinking about the past, present, and future can really be an interesting thing to do.

So, I challenge you writers out there, and even you non-writers out there, to take a moment to write a letter to yourself in the past at a time where life took a turn or had a momentous moment. Then, write to a future you at a time where your life hits more change. Take a moment to write this week and make it count.

Feel free to share your letters in the comments or through twitter @LockerStyler or keep them personal. Keep that future one in a place where you can open it at that time.

The whole idea, though, is to reflect on life and write about it. Writing heals, comforts, and formats a new veiw on the world. It’s such a great part about life, and it’s all up to you to find your own writing style.

Write on!


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