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It’s officially August, which means that I bet plenty of you are looking forwards to some upcoming vacay time! But let’s be real: packing can be too difficult some days! (To be fair, I am actually procrastinating from packing right now, but that’s beside the point!) Luckily, I have been able to come up with some pretty great tips that can help your travels whether it be by plane, car, or whatever form of transportation you’re going by. (Hey, even magical broomsticks work too!)



If you’re going to procrastinate, at least do so by making fun playlists for the trip! You will probably want to have something to keep you motivated while packing, peaceful songs to drift to, and then a list of perfect songs for the trip ahead! There is always a ton of car/plane/etc. time, so why not make it fun with music?


Bags Galore!

Keep organized! I tend to like using many little bags to store things, which I then put in my major bag (backpack, carry-on, etc.). Using makeup bags are super cute too! This way, you can keep your stuff organized and know where everything is rather than having it all get jumbled up everywhere.



Yes…I am talking food here! Find snacks that keep and will refuel you when food is not around. My go-to’s are usually pretzels (for the salty factor), granola bars (for the substantial factor), and some sort of graham cracker (for the sweet factor). Also…


Stay Hydrated!

Keeping extra water bottles on hand and some juice packs for flavor is always a great way to feel good while on trips. Although, be aware that if you’re going to be on a plane, they usually don’t accept these things! Make sure that what you bring is OK so that nothing has to be left behind!



Keeping a notebook or travel journal is super helpful for when you need to quickly jot something down, feel like writing, or even just want to keep track of your travels. There are plenty of sturdy notebooks out there that you can use. Personally, this is something that I ALWAYS have while traveling.

Those are my key tips for traveling, but of course, I couldn’t end it with just that! Here is a check-list for essentials so that you can remember everything! (You’re welcome!)

Travel Essentials

flip flops

comfortable shoes for walking

bathing suit(s)



something a bit dressy







makeup remover wipes

personal items (deodorant n’ such)

a book

your phone





hair ties


jewelry holder


something to write with

…and everything previously mentioned on this post!

Oh! Remember your camera! That’s a must have!!!!

Happy & Safe Travels!



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