Fall Into Autumn!

Hey guys!

Happy Autumn! Now, I know that most of my posts are going to be about lockers, DIY projects, and all that good stuff, but I would like to add in some random seasonal posts. I love the seasons, especially since no two seasons are alike! My favorite season would have to be fall, and since it’s fall, I would love to take a moment to write down my top seven things that I just LOVE about fall!

  1. SCENERY! The scenery is so beautiful in the fall. I just love how everything becomes “picture perfect” and the leaves turn all wonderful shades of orange, red, pink, and brown.
  2. FASHION! This one is a biggie for me because as much as I LOVE summer, I do have days where I miss my boots or Converse brand sneakers. (All summer is flip flops!) Autumn is the best time to pull out those shoes, scarves, and over-sized sweatshirts to enjoy the season!
  3. WEATHER! The weather always seems to change, but I love the warmth, yet slight chill of fall. It’s comfortable, yet not overly hot or cold. Plus, fall doesn’t bring the amount of pollen spring usually does!
  4. HOT DRINKS! I absolutely love a hot mocha latte or tea with a bit of honey in it! Although you can enjoy hot beverages all season, my favorite time for them is the fall.
  5. FALL ACTIVITIES! Whether i’m making a video, or working on this blog, I tend to have a lot of awesome ideas of super neat things in the fall. I’m not sure why this is the case for me…it just is!
  6. HALLOWEEN! Who doesn’t love Halloween? There’s costumes, candy, trick-or-treating, and awesome stores that only come out for one month! What more can you ask for?
  7. OCCASIONAL STORMS! I know this one may seem silly, but the storms in the fall is always a mix of the winter and summer storms, so they can be long and cozy…great movie night weather! Let’s get the popcorn ready!
So, I love autumn, and if you do too, feel free to check back for more awesome seasonal posts only on Locker Styler: Design Edition!
And I would love to hear from you too! What is your favorite season? What do you like about it? Comment your answers BELOW and don’t forget to check back often for new posts!


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