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Hello you lovely people!

As some of you may or may not know, I am very much into acting. Plays, musicals, TV…you name it! But despite every easy dream of winning an oscar one day, there is ALWAYS the process of auditioning.

And I despise auditioning…with a passion.

Honestly though, auditioning is unavoidable no matter what kind of acting you are into, so if you are an aspiring actor or actress, this little list of awesome ways to successfully audition should help you out. Thank me later.

1. Know your stuff, and learn ASAP. The second you find out about an upcoming show that you are thinking about auditioning for, spend some time researching the roles and the plot. YouTube can be your best friend. Feel free to start memorizing monologues and songs too. Just naturally allow yourself to feel prepared.
2. Gain your skills, and know what you are good at. My all-time favorite way to discover what acting skills I have is through improvisation. There are plenty improv games and lessons to be learned, and I have greatly improved as an actress through improv. Go at it, never say never, and “I don’t know” no longer exists. It helps. A lot.
3. Listen to music and watch TV that emphasizes the kind of show you are auditioning for. Sometimes getting your mind in the right time frame is the way to go. You can watch the musical or play itself too and find the perfect dream role for you.
4. Avoid anyone else. Hearing other peoples experiences have nothing to do with your own and could put you in the wrong mind frame.
5. Inspire yourself. Think about all past performances you may have had no matter if they were big or small. I don’t care, make them all big…really big. You are going to be impressing others, so obviously impress yourself first. Even if you are in the very last year of high school and NEVER did any form performance in YOUR LIFE…that’s okay. Take away those flaws that might make you believe that it’s too late, and realize that you have your whole life ahead of you. This is your path, and if acting is a passion of yours, you should be willing to accept that no matter where you are with your acting career, everyone starts somewhere. Make your passion shine through, and soon enough you will find yourself right where you want to be.
6. Practice. Sometimes, just continuously practicing really does help. Be more aware of the process you are going through and just run lines or something with a friend. Instead of making enemies who want the same role, team up and talk to them for a while and see their approach. Maybe you might even make a new friend.
7. “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars!” —One of my favorite quotes actually reflects on the perfect attitude for an audition. Despite any personal feelings of your own, how you perform in front of the directors is truly what matters. Mentally set yourself up for a lead, and when you perform, believe it could happen. Maybe the lead is more perfect for someone else you know, but since you aren’t casting, you are not the one who decides that. Believe in YOU, and go for the gold!
8. Relax! I know it may be tough, but when you go out there and give it your all, the best thing that you can control is how you feel after. If you are walking out proud of what you did and you can say that you had fun, no matter what the result turns out to be, you will feel happy about what happened, and that makes you a stronger actor.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you ace that next audition. YOU CAN DO IT!

In addition to these fantabulous ways to successfully audition, here is a video from my friend Megan who made a video with great advice for auditioning. You can check out more of Megan’s videos here:



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