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Hello, Styling People Of Joy!

Wow, sorry for the obnoxiously ridiculous and overly cheesy intro. Trust me though, this post is totally worth it! I’m super excited to say that it is STILL SUMMER so hey, don’t bug out on me with this post. IT’S STILL SUMMER SO CHILL OUT.

Anywho, if I have learned anything over the many summers in my life, it’s that going back to school means getting more supplies…which brings shopping for school supplies. YAY! The problem is that stores only carry stuff for so long, and then when they run out, you are running around like a mad chicken looking for a certain binder or something. Been there, done that.

Here is a little list of my personal tips and secrets to preparing yourself for the school year, and making it less of a hassle.

  • Penny Sales & Killer Good Deals: Occasionally stores supply a folder or product and places it on super great sales. My suggestion? GO FOR IT! Buy more than you need and stock up on a great deal, and then keep them on file somewhere at home for the next year and so on. That way, you get a great deal, have extra when needed, and have already saved yourself a little for shopping next year!
  • Find the Right Store: Some stores are better at sales than others for school supplies, so make sure you know which one works best by you. Usually Target, Walmart, Staples, and other stores like that have a lot of great stuff and for pretty great prices. I highly recommend!
  • Shop For You…Not Just the List: Schools usually supply lists for what you need for your classes, but they miss going specifically on things that help you. For example, if your list says calculator, use the one the teacher specifically wants, but don’t forget to purchase extra pens, pencils, and other supplies that would make your life easier at school.
  • Go As Early As Possible: Wait for sales, but don’t be too hesitant on when to purchase your supplies! The week before school is always chaos, and quite frankly, it’s better to go get as much as you can as soon as possible, so the selection is better. Waiting adds stress, and finding the specific item that your teacher needs gets crazy!
  • Expect More: As annoying as it is, sometimes teachers tell you what else you need during the first week…and yes, a lot of the time there is nothing left at stores. If you have an idea of what it could be, buy something extra in advance, and if anything just return it.
  • Checklist: Make a list, check it twice. No, you may not be Santa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t double check! Mark the things you already got so you don’t end up with a ton of extra. Trust me here…it’s worth it. 😀

This is my fabulous list that just might save you this year. Here’s a video that I ran across on YouTube that gives you a great idea of some awesome things you can buy for school, plus a giveaway!

You can also check out more videos from Mere here:

Good Luck!


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