As I write this, it just so happens to be a summer monday morning and I am in LA, sipping watered down coffee I made and wondering why in the world today had to be the day in which I was awakened unexpectedly at nine am. That being said, today, I am in the works of a very special video inspired partially by my own life recently and partially by a new Netflix show called GirlBoss. To set the record straight, no this is not a sponsored post (however, if the show wants to sponsor I am totally down for that!). Instead, it is a post I really feel the need to make.

Being a girl, let alone a millennial girl in this day and age is progressive, but still kind of strange reality to be in. I am very inspired to follow my passions and dreams to pave my way of success, however, there is so much that goes into this that nobody sees. I’m younger than some and older than others and that leaves people comparing. In fact, thanks to social media, we all compare ourselves to one another. This person is my age and achieving so much so where did I go wrong? That person is younger than me and look at their success! These resources are available to one and not to me so am I hopeless? All of these questions suck and quite frankly, I need to step in and shine some light since we can all actually do something about it.

  1. Being a GIRLBOSS is not just a full-time job…it is a lifestyle! You have to commit to working for yourself and paid/unpaid/work/not work…whatever the case may be, being a GIRLBOSS means having control of your life and going after what you want.

That being said, here are some of my best pieces of advice for how you too can be your own GIRLBOSS.


Keep notes, planners, agendas, and your belongings and thoughts as together as humanly possible.


Water is literally the best and you’re definitely going to want to keep it up if your coffee addiction is strong.


Everything should be clean including your living space, your mind, and your self. Cleanliness reduces stress.


I say this often but sleep really is a girls best friend.


Take a walk. Read a book. Sing out on a road trip. Long story short, find a way to rewind and give yourself time.


Finding ways to keep yourself inspire and inspire others is a really great to feel great and get more done.


Keep yourself in line with your passions and dreams and let them motivate your every move. Passion is a drive towards success!


“Don’t worry, be happy.”

This post can seriously go on forever, but that is just it…it really does come down to motivation, a sense of sanity amongst chaos, and constantly doing what you love while taking control of your life.

What makes you a GIRLBOSS? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @sarahfhamilton!

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