Guide 2 Growing Out Bangs


Hey there!

For almost a year now I have been growing out my life-long bangs. It was time for a change. This change took place, mostly, because of my need to grow them out every few months for a production. Long story short (haha puns!), if bangs are getting in your way of life, growing them out is an answer!

It’s tough, though. And annoying. I recommend some nice headbands for a while. Finding fun styles help too. Every couple of weeks, you may have to re-work your hair, but that’s okay, because once it grows past ear level, you’re good to go!

My hair took six months to get to a length where it seemed fully grown out, but it’s definitely a process. Wait it out, and stay persistant. If you feel as if maybe the bang life is still for you, you can always turn back! Everyone’s hair grows back, so it’s okay to experiment with it every now and then!

So, that’s pretty much it. Stay determined and patient, use clips and headbands, and change how your hair is styled regularly to get it all together. Drinking plenty of water helps as well, and keep your hair trimmed regularly so that your hair grows out healthy and strong! Keep washing it, and be gentle. Keep that hair down to keep away stress from hairbands, and just wait it out!

I hope this helped any of who who wish to grow out bangs! It’s a process, and I wish you best of luck!

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