Guide To Bright, White & Shiny Teeth

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Earlier this week on Twitter ( @lockerstyler ) I asked for an idea for this week’s post. The lucky winner asked about having a post about teeth whitening. We both share the same love for coffee, but most coffee drinkers know that coffee discolors teeth, and nobody likes that.

Here are some great advice tips for getting those bright white teeth.

Listerine Whiting Mouth-Wash: I use this stuff once before bed every night and I love it! The flavor I chose is VERY strong and OUTRAGEOUSLY minty, but that’s how it works so well. Just follow the instructions and schloosh around for as long as the directions say. When you’re done, just spit it back out into the sink. The kind I use gets thick and foamy so they recommend not eating or drinking for the next 30 minutes. It cleans your whole mouth and helps whiten your teeth too! GREAT STUFF.
• Baking Soda: Usually dentists recommend brushing your teeth with baking soda for whitening. I say, take a little bit once or twise a week on your brush and then add the tooth paste. Overuse can cause problems with your gums and that’s not good.
• Chew Sugar-Free Gum: Sugar-free gum (especially minty flavored) is supposed to help whiten your teeth. I don’t really know how well this works, but gum is great anyway so I say go for it.
• Drink Coffee With A Straw: If you really like dark coffee or even drink a lot of lighter coffee, it’s fine to use a straw. I usually drink hot coffee at Starbucks with a straw anyway. It will keep the coffee away from your front teeth and that can help you.
• Talk To Your Dentist: As much easier it is to go right to Google for your teeth advice, the dentist knows better. Talk to your dentist and your family for advice.

I hope those tips help you!

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