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Hey there!

This past week has been totally crazy busy and also incredibly amazing! Last Friday I had begun my Senior Trip to a local campground to spend the weekend with my friends and classmates. It truly was a really great time but it was also my first time EVER having a camping experience, which was pretty interesting in itself. Any personal ideas I had about camp came from stories and movies so I really didn’t fully know what to expect. But IT IS OKAY to do something brand new and not know what to expect! If you have never gone camping before, hopefully this post will give you some eyesight about it and if you have gone, then I am sure you can relate! (plus, check out all this original photography by yours truly!)

Here are some things I learned from the trip!


Just because you are in a cabin, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be “glamping”.

I am probably super biased about this, since, other friends who have camped before tried to convince me that “roughing it” really defines a sketchy tent in the middle of nowhere. In any case, however, when you walk into a bug-filled cabin and a spider drops down right infront of you, (and I am terrified of spiders!) it suddenly becomes the last place you want to sleep that night!


Showers do not necessarily make you feel clean.

After a slip n’ slide event, I did use the camp showers. Nothing makes you feel more clean than the shower you know is still at home.


Nature is beautiful.

During the day, there was constant beauty from the lake and trees. As I became less connected to busy life and technology, I became one more with the nature around me and it was actually really breathtaking. I enjoyed 5:30am yoga with friends. It was so beautiful seeing the stars at night.There’s a lot of appreciation for nature that I think everyone should experience.


Lake Swimming; nuff’ said.

I had never actually gone swimming in a lake before this experience and I didn’t originally intend to, but in order to do any of the water activities, everyone had to take a swimming test. The water was super cold, smelled like fish, and there was definitely something slimey under my foot. But I did it, passed, and it was actually a really great experience.


Natural beauty is key.

I am a regular-makeup kind of person. Personally, I just love using makeup as an accessory to my look. I wear make up because it makes me feel more lively. However, I gave up on makeup pretty quickly at camp. I am a regular shower taker too, but that too stopped being such a major priority. The natural feeling is really great and it was okay to wear pajamas during breakfast with the entire class and it was okay to not wear makeup fr a while.


Sleep is unknown.
I love sleep. It did, however, become very clear to me that sleep was rare and unknown during camping, and even though I did become outragously tired, it did get to a point where living in the moment was better than sleeping away the time. Oh, but sleep was incredible after the fact!


It’s about who you are with, not what you are doing.

The whole reason behind this location for the trip was because of this statement but it was so very true! Spending the weekend with my friends was amazing no matter what we did. There was card games, talking, scavenger hunts, morning yoga and so many things that we did, but what really mattered was the conversations and moments spent with friends.

Overall, the trip was amazing and I was a “happy camper”. Would I go camping again? I don’t really know, but I will hold the memories made this past weekend in my heart.

“Have you gone camping before? What is your favorite tip about it?” Let me know in the coments below or tweet me @LockerStyler!

Happy Summer!


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