Happy Earth Day!


Hey Stylists!

This week’s post had to be on Monday instead of the weekend because today is Earth Day! Earth Day is a day to promote awareness of the Earth and the issues on it. Every day, the Earth has pollution problems and other forms of destruction that could eventually cause some major problems for the planet. Today, I wanted to take a moment to post some fantastic ways to celebrate Earth Day as well as help our planet every day of the year.

  • RECYCLE plastic bottles, paper, and other recycling materials
  • REUSE containers and other items instead of throwing them out
  • PLANT a tree, bush, or flower to increase the amount of oxygen in the world
  • TALK to other people about Earth Day and get them involved to make the world more “greener”!

Another fantastic way to speak out about Earth Day is making a video enforcing taking care of the environment, and even reusing old plastic bottles to make a fun art project to place somewhere that others can see it! I have a very special Earth Day D.I.Y. today…

SPREAD THE WORD Earth Day project

  1. Write a poem or select a poem off of the Internet communicating about the environment
  2. Take a plastic bottle, some string, and a little bit of glue or tape
  3. Place the poem on the string and tie the other end of the string to the bottle
  4. If you have sea shells, leaves, or any other “earthy” materials, place them inside of the bottle
  5. Place this bottle somewhere public (in your school, at the mall, etc.) for others to see

The best thing about this project is that it can be done for any time of the year! Earth Day only comes once a year, but everyday we should do something to help the environment.

What are you going to do for the Earth? Comment below, and don’t forget to send a picture if you choose to make the D.I.Y. project and it may be featured in an upcoming post!

Sarah <3

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