High School Secrets


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High school is a great place, and even if it’s not exactly what every pre-teen and teen high school movie tells you, there is still plenty of wonderful things about it that could even surpass the need for full-out musical numbers and hallway dance offs. That’s right, there’s no hallway flashmobs but there sure are a ton of great moments!

Oh, and if you happen to be high school, appreciate this. If you’re older, you’ll understand. If you are not in high school yet, hopefully this gets you excited for it!

Anyway, here are my TOP FIVE high school secrets!

  • DO THINGS: seriously. get involved. find clubs and activities that you enjoy. if you join something that you don’t like, leave. find where you want to be and be there. who knows? maybe you will find the rest of your life that way…
  • DO THE HOMEWORK: ew. homework. i get it. but really, if you never procrastinate and always get the work done in advance, it will help you A LOT. trust me.
  • BE FLEXIBLE: this one’s big too. if you’re open to the idea of trying new things, learning, meeting new people, making new friends and all of that, great things will happen. this goes with time too: time is precious. spend it wisely.
  • ALL WORK AND PLAY: yes. be productive. but also, find you time. relaxing and taking a moment to not do anything keeps you fresh! just don’t fall into the pit of laziness!
  • SLEEP: enough said here. sleep is SO important! even with clubs, sports, school work, jobs, relationships, and even pure lazy time, making sure that you go to bed at a reasonable time everynight (before midnight…) will keep you awake and lively. (healthier, too!)

High School has given me so many great moments. I made so many great friends, got to know so many wonderful teachers, and even got so many incredible opportunities. It’s amazing how much growth takes place. Yes, there’s all these ups, but personally, I believe that the biggest secret of all is to just think of the ups and don’t be overly judgemental on the downs. So, there’s a bad grade…do what you can to fix it, and learn from it. It’s all a learning experience.

AND with all that being said, the question of the week is…what is your top high school secret? let me know with the comments below!

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