Hoppy Easter!


Happy Springtime stylists!

This weeks post is all about what you can expect in the future! First off, next week a BRAND NEW D.I.Y. craft is coming out and there will also be a music play-list for April! Later this week, I also hope you have a very unexpected “April fools” day!

Now that those sneak peaks are there, lets get into today’s locker advice!

So the weather is turning from winter to spring, and soon enough, there will be end of the year finals, flip flops, and summer! As fun as it always is, spring gets busy and FAST. So let’s talk about Spring Cleaning!


  • Spend a day after school cleaning out your locker and getting rid of old papers you no longer need. If you are not sure if there is something you should keep or not, ask your teacher.
  • If you have broken pens, pencils, magnets and other busted up school supplies, clean out the old and put in the new! Fresh school supplies actually help when you are stressed from the end of the year chaos.
  • If there are any binders or folders that are holding way too much, a new binder to transfer the papers over to will help. Plus, in the process you will be re-organizing!

I hope that these ideas help you! Remember- a messy locker usually leads to a stressful school lifestyle, so it is always important to clean and re-organize often!

Happy Spring, “Hoppy” Easter, and Happy Spring Cleaning!

Sarah <3


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