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With the release of my new book, “The Enchantress (a Royalty Status novel), I have spent the last several days selling and promoting the book. Through the process, I have been able to talk with a ton of people and gain new connections with others. Lately, the question of “HOW!?!?” comes up often. Naturally, I had to share my “how” right here. If you happen to be an aspiring author or writer of some sort, here are some of my tips of advice to you.

  • WRITE. ALWAYS. WRITE. – I cannot emphasize enough just how important it is to always write. If you are a writer at heart, find time to write. Write lots, write little, write whatever. Not only does your writing improve every time that you do, but you can collect and express the present time in any way you wish. It’s important to write with and without purpose.
  • LOVE IT. – Love your writing. This has two parts to it; for one, enjoy what you write and edit it to your liking and then edit some more. You should love what you wrote just as much as you should love to write. The second part to this is to write becuase you love it and not for money, reconition or fame. This goes into the whole concept of “love what you do and do what you love”. If you love to write, greatness will follow, but avoid greed and desire for fame as a purpose to write. If you are fortunite enough to experience that, it should just be a little bit of icing on the top. Write becuase that’s what you love.
  • RESEARCH EVERYTHING. – This is a biggie!  Thinking your writing through is extremely important, especially for books! Look up a ton of information to set you in the right mood and become a professional info-personal for your story. There is so much to know beyond what you already know! Plus, when publishing, knowing what kind of publishing you want to go into and what is best for you is extremely important. Which leads us to…
  • THINK PUBLISHING THROUGH. – There are several different roads to take when thinking about publishing! First, make sure that what you created is worthy and that you are dedicated to go through a legnthy and complex process. Once you are certain, look into different kinds of publishing. There is traditional, in which you send query letters to literary agents and then to publishing houses when in search for someone to publish and represent your book. There is also self publishing, which gives you more ability to have control and say over every aspect of your book. Do your homework and find out what is best for you. There are pros and cons for everything, so take a while to think it through!
  • KEEP DREAMING. – Hey, maybe this one story isn’t forming just right. Perhaps that last query letter didn’t go very far. Maybe rejection is the only word you have repeatedly heard lately. No matter what the case may be, it’s important to keep on going. If this is what you truly love, go for it! Sometimes, it can be difficult and stressful but that is what makes the process to complex. Trust your gut, follow those dreams. Stay inspired by the world and all of those in it that form your life. Take breaks and then come back when you are ready. Keeping a fresh eye and a positive outlook is really important and rewarding.

…But mostly, GOOD LUCK! Take a deep breath and follow your dreams. Great things will happen.

“What keeps you writing? What are your dreams?” Let me know in the comments below!

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