How to Get the Coolest Locker!

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If you’re here, chances are, you are still in school and totally want to have the coolest locker around. Luckily, my friend, you have come to the right place! Truth is, all throughout middle and high school (okay…even my elementary gym locker too!) I have been obsessed with decorating my locker each year to be fully functioning, adorable, and a place that I was proud to call my corner of the school. Because, let’s face it, you’re locker is the ONE place you see every day at school that only you own for the year! (Technically, it’s school property, but still!) Why not pimp it out and make it awesome?

Having the most decked out locker is awesome. Having it also be a place that you don’t mind going to is also super helpful if you like to stay organized throughout the year. Here are my top tips for making sure that your locker this year is both amazing and organized all year around!

Magnets, Mirror, the Works

I’m not saying to go out and buy all of those adorable locker decorations that you see while school supply shopping, but I am saying that even if you DIY it out, having those cute things help! Magnets can help hang papers in a pinch (while being super cute) and a mirror is a must have! If you would like, I even recommend some type of small rug or laminated wrapping paper to have on your door and on the floor. It cleans up the space and looks really cute!

Shelving is Key

Having sturdy locker shelves are super wonderful! They hold literally everything from your heavy textbooks and binders to books and whatever else you keep in your locker. Shelving instantly adds extra room in your locker for storage and as long as everything fits well, everything will be much more accessible for when you need it!

Mini Snapshots

Last year, I printed out little polaroid-looking photos of summer memories from that past summer. All year long, I enjoyed looking at those photos when I got a chance. Plus, it always brought memories and stories to tell whenever friends would stop by and see them. Having those photos were peaceful and made the locker space more personal to me.


Little battery-ran string lights, light up letters, disco balls, magnet lights, chandeliers…whichever you choose is a great choice for you but I have to recommend something in the lighting department for your locker! They keep the small space more lit and look amazing. I had this multi-colored light up chandelier that was magnetized and it was always a wow factor for the space, as well as, really great lighting for a really dark locker.

Cute is Cute

Yes…I was that person who found old dollhouse curtains and hung them up in my locker…and it was adorable! Having a mug in there to hold pens and pencils is also a really unique way to go. If you have some cute decoration that you want to add into your locker, GO FOR IT! This is your space to decorate however and the more you make it to your liking, the more you’re going to want to go to it on a regular basis!

Smells Great

Okay, so lockers aren’t always the best smelling things, but whether it’s a hall or gym locker, I do recommend bringing an air freshener (if your school allows for it, of course!). They have little ones with the same scents as different candles which work so well and can be placed or hung in your locker. Plus, I find that they tend to last all year too.

Everything Else

Follow a theme if you would like. Add a little makeup bag filled with emergency goodies or even instant tea, coffee, and hot chocolate packs if you have the use for it. The possibilities are endless, but the main idea is to have fun with it and make it a place where you can go and pick up/drop off your stuff while still having a cool locker.

Best of luck to you Stylists out there! Oh, and if you try out any of these things or have your own fun locker decoration idea, tweet it out @LockerStyler, leave me a Facebook message, or send it to me. You may even be featured on the site!

Happy Locker Styling!


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