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I’m going to be blankly honest here: I have absolutely no idea what to post about this week. Last week, I was crazy busy so the idea of posting was sadly, out of the question. I’m still crazy busy now, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still would like to have something to post for you. So, here we are. Luckily, since I started writing this post, I came up with a post that I have been meaning to write for a while.

That’s right. This is how to make a movie even if you are still in high school.

For the past several years, I have been very much into the whole filmmaking and video editing process. At first, I just wanted to perform and see myself on the screen, but as time went by, I learned that there was a passion growing for the process of putting it all together. I’m a young filmmaker, and my experience can only go so far at this point. Still, along with writing I would love to continue my journey as a filmmaker. It’s led me to make some pretty terrifying decisisions, but I know that it’s what’s right for me. Maybe, this post will help you realize that it may even be for you.

ANYWAY, if you love acting/writing/directing/reading/making/editing or all of the above, I highly recomend taking a moment in your life to try to make a film. You don’t even neccessarily need a special camera to do so! Just find what you’ve got and make the commitment to MAKE!

  1. Plan! Get that idea of what your video is going to be about. Who’s going to be in it? Is it a film, music video, collage, commercial, PSA, etc? Get those ideas and feel free to write them down. Some of my personal best starting ideas come from listening to cinematic music! Try it!
  2. Pre-Production! This part is HUGE so please don’t miss it! Pick your cast members, figure out what in the world is going to happen, write a script, storyboard, do everything you possibly can to plan out film day. Take your time with this step so it’s all great! Personally, I find that this step is really the first of many changes to come, so seriously, just continue to go with the flow through the process and realize that plans can totally change.
  3. Scheduling. This step is technically a part of pre-production, but I think it deserves it’s own area to talk about. Mostly because I have learned that schedualing is my least favorite part of the process. Perhaps, it’s because I schedule my cast members for what works best for them rather than them working around what works best for me. Still, plans change so much. You have to take into account transportation, food, events, sleep, availability for events you may not even know about and even the weather. Yes, it’s terrifying. My current film was started in January and is just now one scene away from wrapping. Life is busy, but it happens. Best of luck to you in this department!
  4. Film Day(s)! My favorite part of the process! I love film days because not only do I get the shots I want and feel accomplished about it, but I also get the awesome opportunity to just chill with friends after the fact. It’s an enjoyable moment for everyone. However, plans during filming can change too. Maybe a shot would look better in a different way or your cast members end up changing their lines. It happens! Again, just GO WITH THE FLOW and do what you need to do to make this all work out.
  5. Editing! I am in a love/hate relationship with editing. I LOVE seeing it all come together, but the little technical difficulties and sound issues do have a tendancy to get annoying sometimes. Just remember that when you edit, it’s important to make sure that the story you are telling is clear. It’s too easy to loose that because of course you already know the story, but that doesn’t mean that somebody else will. SAVE SAVE SAVE. RENDER RENDER RENDER. Oh, and take a nice break to reward yourself as it takes it’s time to export! Find the editing program that works well for you, too. If you are in college or high school, definitely look into different programs and classes to learn more about the whole process and how to edit with the programs! Also, be careful when choosing your music! If it’s a project for yourself, feel free to use whatever. If you want to post it online, find Royalty Free stuff or make your own. Sound is tedious, but worth it and can make or break your actual video!
  6. Premiere Day! Invite your cast, supply party food and have a great time! This is your moment to celebrate the final project! I always like to ask the crew what they liked about the process and think about the memories made while filming. Be proud and bask in the glory!

Hopefully, if you had ever thought about making a film, this helped inspire you to do so! It’s definitely a process, but one I truly love doing. Oh, and if you happen to make something and want to show it to me, post it on YouTube/Facebook/etc. and feel free to tweet me @LockerStyler the link! I’ll check it out and let you know what I think!




If you love to make films and want to start into that world, I HIGHLY reccomend visiting movie sets and backlots! They are SO COOL and make the whole process so much more amazing.

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