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Today’s post is super exciting because I have had the incredible opportunity to interview Scott Micheal Foster! You may know him as the actor from Chasing Life‘s Leo (abc family) or even Once Upon a Time‘s Kristoff (abc), starting up september 28th! It was wonderful asking him some questions to share with you today.

Who inspires you?

Judi Dench

Describe life on set of CL and OUAT.

Fun & Love.

What inspired you to start acting?

I’ve just always been drawn to it and have been inspired by so many.

If you could co-star with anybody, who would it be and why?

Elizabeth Banks…she is very sweet and so talented.

What did you want to be when you were younger and how did it morph into who you are now?

I have always had a passion for acting and it has made me a better person to just be expressing each character.

What is your favorite on-set memory?

Definitely when Italia (Ricci) and myself accidentally fell while walking in the halls at the hospital scene. (CL)

What is your best auditioning advice?

Stay calm and if you mess up, don’t worry, just start from the beginning…

What would you say to inspire others?

I would say…when you look at life, don’t see it as you have to be better. Being yourself is all anyone wants. Never let no one hold you back from your dream and always stay positive.

You can see him on abc family’s Chasing Life and abc’s Once Upon a Time. Plus, here are some additional ways to see what he’s up to!

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