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Photography is truly something that everyone can admire at any age, but only some of us really go above and beyond with it. Jordyn Otey is a seventeen year old photographer in Naples, Florida that has used social media site, Instagram, to build her profile and expand her love for photography. I have been given the wonderful opportunity of interviewing her for this website.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

Instagram. Cliche answer but it’s true. Two years ago I made one and found all these cool photography accounts and the idea of taking self portraits caught my attention. So I took my mom’s camera, grabbed some books to use as my ‘tripod’ and thus, my journey had begun.

What camera do you use? Which would you recommend?

I use the Canon Rebel T3i (which I have owned for nearly two years), and I am currently saving up for a Canon 5d Mark iii. I recommend any of the Canon Rebels. Specifically the T5i (because the T3i is no longer sold in stores from what i’ve heard).

Where is your favorite location to shoot at?

I have two, actually. One I call ‘the Vines’ because in the summer it is overgrown with green leaves everywhere. You’d think it’s as if we walked into Narnia or something but really, it’s on the side of a main road and people drive by it every day. I also love an area on the beach called Doctor’s Pass and it’s this beautiful rocky paradise. I have shot there so much, it’s becoming an issue. 😛


What do you plan to do in the future with photography?

I plan on studying photography here in Florida and hopefully become a fashion photographer. I might earn my business degree while i’m at it.

What is your favorite photo ever taken?

That’s a really tough question. That’s like asking me to pick my favorite kid! haha! I want to say my latest favorite is the one of Dezree and the water is crashing around her (shot at Doctor’s Pass).


Who inspires you?

Right now my inspirations are Emily Soto and Lindsay Adler. Emily’s portraits are so beautiful, I even have her prints on my picture wall. And I hope to become like Lindsay. Her beginning is like my life right now and I hope to become as successful as her in the fashion industry.

Other than photography, what else do you like to do in your free time?

I draw and if i’m feeling really artsy, I watercolor. I also play the piano (currently in my ninth year). I also love to go shopping and just sit around with friends.

What would you tell aspiring photographers?

I want to encourage everyone to practice, practice, PRACTICE! Photography talent is not about the equipment, it’s about your skill. I practiced every day because I wanted to learn. Challenge yourself and learn from your mistakes. Don’t listen to people who find your photography ‘weired’ or those who just don’t get it. And just have fun. Create what you love, and improve every time you do.

Here are some additional works of Jordyn’s…

IMG_0192 IMG_0309 IMG_6123 IMG_8543

You can follow Jordyn at these links…
TWITTER: @jordynotey97
FB PAGE: Capture Your Heart Photography

It was such a privilege to interview the creative force behind one of my favorite Instagram accounts! Jordyn is such an inspiration. If you happen to be in the Florida area and need senior portraits taken, Jordyn is the gal!

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