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As some of you may already know, I love to make videos and there are so many amazing videos out there that inspire me as a film maker. One group in particular is the incredible Hillywood Show, in which I was fortunately able to interview recently with the creators and stars, Hilly and Hannah Hindi! They have been noticed for their incredible parodies for shows and moves such as Twilight, The Hobbit, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Warm Bodies, The Vampire Diaries, and coming soon, Lord of the Rings. With over 100,000,000 views, The Hillywood Show continues to being a growing production. Here’s what they had to say!


What inspired you to start making videos?
We have been creating videos since a very young age. We always enjoyed dancing, performing and creating short films.

What inspires you both?

Music and movies.

What was your favorite spoof to work on?
Our upcoming production “The Lord of the Rings Parody” has been our favorite so far! We are huge fans of the movies and it’s been a dream to create something on theses films for a very long time.

What was the coolest moment since the start of “The Hillywood Show”?
Meeting Lady Gaga! Since she loved our “Gagaween” Parody, we had the opportunity to meet her after one of her concerts backstage and she was truly genuine and sweet. It made our year!


Where do you see yourselfs in the future?
Our goal is to have The Hillywood Show® on a television network as a variety show weekly. We dream big.

What do you two enjoy doing when not filming?
Hanging out with friends and family. We are usually so busy that we just like to relax.

What sparks the ideas of upcoming videos?
Hilly gives God the credit when coming up with the ideas but she says the music helps to inspire her to begin creating a screenplay.

What advice would you give to young people who want to go into the world of videos and film?
It’s tough! You need to begin playing around with it yourself to see if you even enjoy it first. If so, then you will need a positive and determined attitude. You need a passion for film making.

What do you think is the key element to telling a story through the lens?
You need to have a good actor/actress. If you don’t have someone acting to tell the story, it all falls apart and your audience does not respond to the story being told.


You can check out The Hillywood Show at Follow them on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to their channel! I, personally, look forward to seeing what amazing projects they will work on next!


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